The Science Behind Holganix: What's the difference between Holganix Tree & Shrub and Holganix Bloom?

The Science Behind Holganix

What's the difference between Holganix Tree & Shrub and Holganix Bloom?


vinca comparison“Have you seen the flowers?” inquired Steve Smith, the manager for an Ohio-based full-service lawn company (a pseudonym, as the individual would like to remain anonymous). “No I haven’t,” replied Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek with the barest hint of hesitation.

Two weeks beforehand, Ersek had made a bet with Smith. The full-service company had a beautiful office surrounded by a river of small pink flowers called Vinca. “Give me half of these flowers,” Barrett had said. “Put Holganix Tree and Shrub on half of these flowers and do your normal regimen on the other half. If my half looks better, take a risk and use Holganix on a few of your spray trucks.” The deal was struck and two weeks later Ersek couldn’t help but feel a little nervous when Smith reminded him about their bet on the flowerbeds.

“Come and have a look at your flowers,” said Smith. Smith led Ersek to the flowerbeds and smiled. The difference between the Holganix flowers and Smith’s normal regimen was evident. “It looked like you could draw a line down the middle; it was that different,” recalls Ersek. The Holganix flowers were brighter colored and sturdier looking (see picture to left. The top Vinca was treated with Holganix while the bottom Vinca acted as the control). Ersek won his bet and Smith started spraying Holganix on several routes.

It was stories like Smith’s that inspired the Holganix Team to launch a separate flower product called Bloom. “There was a need by our community of users for a flower product,” states Ersek. Although the Tree and Shrub product is a great tool for flowers, Holganix has made tweaks in the Holganix formulation that will enhance the effects already seen on flowers with Holganix.


Can Holganix users still utilize Holganix Tree and Shrub on their flowers?

All Holganix products begin with a plant-based compost tea that is slightly altered for each product line. Holganix then layers in numerous other beneficial ingredients tailored to that product. It is a tweaking of each recipe that allows for additional attributes specific to the plants. Those utilizing Tree and Shrub on their flowers are still welcome to use Tree and Shrub or any other Holganix product on flowerbeds. However, we believe that Holganix users will find the Bloom product to deliver the best possible results on flowers and create an additional profit opportunity.


What are the differences between Holganix Tree and Shrub and Holganix Bloom?

Holganix Bloom has been developed with a concern for retaining the majority of Holganix benefits while minimizing the impact of mold on plant growth," says Dr. Neidermyer, Director of Plant and Soil Sciences at Holganix. Compost use and composting conditions are selected with a bias toward reducing the amount of fungi in the product. An exception to this rule is the amount of mycorrhizae (fungi), which has been increased by 12% from the Tree and Shrub product. Mycorrhizae promote root growth, allowing plants to obtain as much available moisture and nutrients as possible. Mycorrhizae have been proven to be effective in promoting the conversion of non-available phosphorus to usable forms and in moving phosphorus to plant roots. Phosphorus is key in promoting flower plants.

Other key differences in the product include increases in compost tea levels (6%), yucca extract (.5%), kelp (1.2%) and melaleuca oil (.001%). There are also decreases in Bloom ingredients as compared with Tree and Shrub with specific ingredients including molasses (4.24%) and brewer’s yeast (18%).  For a list of the ingredients found within Holganix and their benefits, click here. All these changes are designed to enhance flowering as opposed to leafy growth and to minimize stem rot that can reduce the vigor of the plant.


Where can you find more information?

For more information on Holganix Bloom, check out this web page and download the cut sheet here.


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Posted by Nicole Wise on Feb 25, 2014 10:18:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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