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Designing Your Fertility Program


Each year Mother Nature throws us a curve ball; designing a fertility program allows us to be better prepared for weather conflicts that might tamper with an otherwise successful 2014. When designing a program, you have three choices to pick from: liquid, granular and Hybrid programs. Each program has its benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Liquid programs -- With a liquid program, lawn care companies can expect to pay less on average for liquid materials as opposed to their granular counterparts. This is true whether you’re discussing Holganix products or most other fertilizers. However, the real drawback to the liquid program is that cold weather spraying can be problematic mainly due to sprayers, which can easily freeze during the chilly early spring period. Equipment expenses when purchasing new equipment can also be higher than granular.
  2. Granular -- While granular fertilizers won’t be held back due to a chilly spring, granular products tend to cost more. On the other hand, Holganix granular will allow you to deliver high amounts of carbon, which helps feed the soil biology and support the overall soil ecosystem. Unfortunately, those utilizing Holganix granular as opposed to Holganix liquid will not be able to decrease their use of herbicides. Equipment expenses for granular products also tend to be less expensive when purchasing than liquid.
  3. Hybrid -- Hybrid programs can be a healthy mix of both granular and liquid products. Because lawn care operators can use granular products in cold weather, and liquid throughout the remainder of the year, hybrid programs allow for flexibility.

To learn more about designing a program including variables such as grass types, pre-emergents, regulations and reductions of synthetics through the use of Holganix, be sure to watch the above recorded webinar. 



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Posted by Nicole Wise on Mar 27, 2014 9:54:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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