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There are lots of things to consider when contemplating Holganix and the equipment you choose to use. A lot of these decisions can also help you increase your productivity at the shop. Watch the recorded webinar above for additional information.

Here’s what you need to know!

  • Liquid vs. Granular -- When considering between granular and liquid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers are on average x times more efficient to apply than granular. Not only does it mean less wasted fertilizer is scattered onto pavement and unwanted areas, but pulling a hose can actually be easier and more time effective than pushing a spreader or utilizing a mechanized spreader when treating under 10,000 square feet of turf. The cost of liquid fertilizers can also be more attractive. Whether or not you’re considering the cost of liquid Holganix or just ordinary liquid fertilizers, liquid tends to be cheaper than their granular counterparts.
  • Old vs. New Equipment -- When outfitting your equipment for Holganix, you have to consider the benefits of either retrofitting your old equipment or purchasing new equipment. Both LT Rich and Gregson Clark equipment can be easily retrofitted for Holganix and both companies are happy to work with the Holganix community to make the conversion an easy process. If you are considering purchasing non-mechanized spray systems, Holganix COO Dave Thompson loves the Eco-505 Injection System that features a dual trigger hose, allowing you to spray Holganix from one nozzle on your hose and then at the press of a button spray pesticides from a second nozzle on that same hose. It saves time and allows you to more easily practice Integrated Pest Management.
  • The Holganix RAD -- As a Holganix user, you are automatically guaranteed refrigeration options best suited for the size of your organization. RADs, which stands for Refrigeration Automatic Dispensing systems, allow you to automatically deposit Holganix safely into tanks located in your truck. Not only is this safer for your technicians who are often at risk of slipping on wet ladders when filling tanks, but it also allows you to cut down on your fill time. On average, it takes 1-5 minutes to fill a 250-gallon tank through the use of your RAD.
  •  Calibration -- Calibrating your sprayers correctly is extremely important for Holganix users. By not correctly calibrating your spray systems, you run the risk of incorrectly applying Holganix to your lawns. The three biggest variables to consider when calibrating your spray system are walking speed, spray width and pump speed. All three variables can affect the use of Holganix. Click here to learn more about calibration. 


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Posted by Nicole Wise on Apr 8, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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