The Science Behind Holganix: Remedying Winterkill

The Science Behind Holganix

Remedying Winterkill

winter injury recovery comparison

Winter injury has been plaguing turf professionals this season. In an attempt to quantify just how much Holganix can help aid in recovery, one golf course superintendent decided to design an experiment (See above). The superintendent transplanted two samples of turf that had suffered from winter injury. The left turf sample was treated with Holganix while the right acted as the control. 

Holganix can help the turf recover from winterkill for three key reasons.

  1. During the winter, when the turf is covered in a layer of ice for more than 150 days, the oxygen is depleted in the turf ecosystem and the soils become anaerobic. Holganix remediates anaerobic soils, effectively re-oxygenating the soil profile and balancing aerobic conditions in the soil.
  2. During the winter, the biology in the soil slows down, and jump starting the biology within the soil after a harsh winter can help turf recover from winterkill. Essentially, Holganix increases the availability of nutrients, vitamins and growth hormones to the plant.
  3. Thirdly, Holganix helps restore the natural biological processes, which have been damaged due to cold winter temperatures.

Holganix recommends applying Holganix over two-week intervals during the recovery process. For more information regarding how Holganix helps aid with winterkill recovery, click here.

In addition to utilizing Holganix, there are many other tactics turf professionals can utilize to aid with recovery. Activities include sodding, inter-seeding (weekly spiking and seeding), fertilizing with Nature Safe 5-6-6, and avoiding surfactants and high salt synthetic fertilizers.

For more information on diagnosing your winterkill, remedying winterkill situations and proactive strategies you can take to reduce the risk of winterkill, click here

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