Marketing Hints and Tips: Please don't be boring

Marketing Hints and Tips

Please Don’t Be Boring

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As you move through the marketing motions of spring lawn care sales, don’t get caught in the “business as usual” trap. So often, we stick to the tried-and-true path in marketing, too afraid to take a leap of faith and stand out amongst the lawn care throngs. We turn into clones of one another, touting the same boring promises and offering the same boring offers.

This spring, please don’t be boring.

Try something different, unique and sexy. As marketing guru Seth Godin likes to say, "Being remarkable is a choice." Being different, means being heard in the busy lawn care market. Being different means your prospects will remember you instead of your competitor. Being different means winning. So, please don't be boring.

Watch marketing guru Seth Godin’s TED talk on being remarkable and how to get your ideas to spread.


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Posted by Nicole Wise on May 1, 2014 12:10:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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