Marketing Tips: Utilizing Guerrilla Marketing to Bring in Customers

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Utilizing “Guerrilla” Marketing to Bring in Customers

 Guerrilla marketing

No, that’s not a typo -- we’re talking about marketing that stands out for being powerful and out of the ordinary. It’s an advertising strategy that uses super low costs like sticker bombing or flash mobs to catch your eye. After all, a remarkable company is worth remembering, as we learned in the Purple Cow blog entry. Guerrilla marketing is one way to make your company stick out and be memorable. However, sometimes coming up with Guerrilla marketing strategies on your own can be a little difficult since it requires some creative thinking.

One great way to brainstorm for Guerrilla marketing strategies is to call a team meeting. After all, where one mind is powerful, two, three or ten brains are even more so. By tapping into the minds of your employees and colleagues, you are utilizing the experiences, mistakes and knowledge of others and winning with more ideas, creativity and buy-in.

Want a short cut? Some of the great Guerrilla marketing strategies we’ve been passing on to our clients are:

  1. Good truck graphics – There’s no better advertising than an eye-catching truck that people see in their neighborhood over and over again. If you have more trucks than you’re currently using, ask a business with a well-trafficked parking lot if you can park one of your trucks there for a few days. If they agree, you have a free billboard.
  2. Leave behinds – Many companies use door hangers, but you can do something more interesting than that. How about a Frisbee with your logo printed on one side and a business card or sticker taped to the other, detailing your current special offer? It’s a hands-on trinket that will stick around long after your competitor’s door hangers end up in the garbage.

Remember, Guerrilla marketing is all about standing out from your competition, just like the Purple Cow subject we talked about previously. For more information and tips on being remarkable, tap into the Purple Cow article or pick up Seth Godin’s book for yourself!

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