Does PB1 REALLY Work? Don't Ask Us. Ask Our Customers!

Our PB1 product line has been a hot topic in the green industry – and it should be! It’s a high-quality plant probiotic that contains 4+ species of soil microbes and Armament Technology – a nutrient enhancer that optimizes nutrient uptake and plant resilience. It’s also super convenient for users since it can be used with low-volume spray equipment and is non-refrigerated. But, does the product line really work?


Woodhaven Country Club sees healthier turf and roots

PB1 Results

According to Josh Adams, Superintendent for Woodhaven Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky, “If you aren’t using PB1 2-0-0, you are missing out! I’ve seen healthier turf because of an increase in root density. When you have healthy roots, you have healthy turf.”

Josh says his top three results with Holganix PB1 2-0-0 are:

1. “We’ve seen 4- to 6-inch roots all season long”
2. Reduced disease pressure
3. Increased playability, firmer greens and less ball marks


Ritenour Custom Lawn Care increases color and seed germination with PB1 LTO

Ritenour Custom Lawn Care is a second-generation family-owned lawn care service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to CEO Rick Ritenour, “I like to do things differently and I think that biological products are the way of the future.” However, when Rick was shopping for a biological, selecting a product that was convenient to use was of the utmost importance and that’s why he was drawn to PB1 LTO 4-0-2.

According to Rick, the top results he has seen with PB1 LTO are:

1. A pop of green when combined with his fertilizer program
2. Faster seed germination when applying PB1 LTO 4-0-2 to his aeration and overseeding program


Social media says it all

Looking for extra verification on who is using the product and what results they’re seeing? Posts and tweets from our users on social media say it all! Here are some of the highlights:

testimonial blog page-1.jpg

 Want to learn more about Holganix PB1?

Want to dig deeper in the science and results seen with Holganix PB1 products? You’re in luck! Register for our upcoming webinar on PB1 featuring an interview with our partner George Murray.

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