Holganix Case Study: “Phenomenal Results” on Indiana Tomatoes


“Holganix Bio 800+ is affordable and does a wonderful job,” states Ronald Long, owner of a small farm in northeast Indiana.  

Ronald grows tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, pumpkins, Indian corn, sweet corn, and ornamental corn. He has been using Holganix Bio 800+ in combination with compost, for two years. “I use Holganix Bio 800+ on all of my vegetable plants at seeding, and then a second application via a foliar spray,” explains Ronald. 

Overall, Ronald was pleasantly surprised to see such phenomenal results after using Holganix Bio 800+ on his vegetables. “I was amazed by how much larger the plants were and how much they produced. For instance, I applied Holganix Bio 800+ on my tomato plants in the greenhouse; they grew so tall that I had to use a step ladder in order to harvest them.” Ronald said that when it comes to yield, the “plants treated with Holganix Bio 800+ out produced previous years.”




Dig In Deeper: Results with Holganix Bio 800+ 

Holganix Bio 800+ harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to improve fertilizer efficiency, increase yield, improve crop resilience against stress and boost soil health. 

Looking to learn more? Over the years we have compiled data on several different crops, in different geographic zones, to deepen our understanding of how Holganix Bio 800+ can help farmers maximize crops. Click the button below to access a sample from our 2017 - 2021 collection. 


Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Feb 4, 2022 11:14:05 AM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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