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Less Irrigation? Faster turf recovery? Meet Garden City Country Club!

“We spoke with local superintendents using Holganix Golf on their courses and they only had great things to say,” explains Russ MacPhail. “That’s why we decided to utilize Holganix Golf at Garden City Country Club.”

Garden City Country Club is a private club located in Garden City, New York. Built in 1916, the championship 18-hole golf course was designed by then famous American golfer and architect, Walter Travis.

As the superintendent, Russ is charged with nurturing the turf while staying true to Travis’ original designs.

Russ started using Holganix Golf in May of 2013 on his greens. After two to three applications of Holganix Golf, Russ noticed he needed less irrigation and that the turf was recovering faster after being stressed out by tournaments.


Russ was seeing great results because with Holganix Golf, he was caring for both the turf foliage and the roots. By building a robust root system, the turf is stronger and can withstand stresses like weather and traffic.

“We’ve seen improved root density and root depth,” states Russ as he shows off a picture of roots with minimal thatch. The picture was taken in November.


“In years past we might have only had an inch or so in roots. But, with Holganix Golf, we’ve had great roots even at the end of the season.”

The increased health in roots also helps Russ increase playability because the playing surface becomes firmer.


Want to learn more about Russ’ experiences with Holganix Golf?

Check out our webinar recording featuring an interview between Russ MacPhail and Holganix Sales Representative, Rob Dillinger. 

Turf roots

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