Marketing Hints and Tips: Steal These Free Lawn Care Marketing Tools!



At Holganix, we are passionate about sustainable growth. Not only does that core value refer to the growth of plants, but also the growth of companies (ours and yours!). Because of this value, we have created numerous marketing tools that lawn care providers can access for free! Everything is ready for downloading; all you have to do is add your logo and print! Click here to visit Holganix University where you can access a full listing of marketing tools your company can utilize.


Ready, set, download!

  • Homeowner Brochure- The Holganix homeowner brochure was designed with your customers and prospects in mind. It highlights just how special and unique your business is because of your organic approach (Holganix) and what that means for the turf and plants. Click here to check it out!
  • Post Cards- These post cards were created to convey a message around your organic-based lawn fertilization services. Our favorite is the “Hybrid of Lawn Care!” post card that depicts a green Prius on green turf. Check out all of the post card designs hereJust copy and paste your company logo in the logo slot and print!
  • Lawn Sign- This lawn sign is designed to get the neighbor’s attention and deliver a crystal-clear message about organic-based lawn care service. Print them yourself or give the PDF file to Real Green Systems to have lawn signs created.


Have you got the marketing bug?

  • Wise Webinars- Nicole Wise, Holganix’s head of marketing, hosts seminars twice a week on marketing. This season’s webinar series are entitled: Marketing with Bionutrition and Building Your Marketing Plan. Register for the marketing webinars here.
  • The Blog- The Holganix blog is spewing with marketing information and downloadable marketing tools. Topics include differentiating your business, telemarketing tips and door-to-door sales 101. To access the Marketing Hints and Tips series on the blog, click here.
  • Social Media- Another great place to locate marketing insights and free tools are our social media networks. Check us out on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and LinkedIn.

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