Is YOUR Lawn Care Company Marketing Aeration and Overseeding?


Are you in the middle of planning for your fall aeration and overseeding marketing campaigns? Or, do you provide aeration and overseeding services but don't know how to market them? 

No worries, we've got your back! Aeration and overseeding is not only fantastic for plant and soil health, but for your wallet too. 

Aeration and overseeding are excellent opportunities to sell to your current lawn care customers. Not only do you know that your customers appreciate their lawn, they also know and love your company. Upselling to current customers rather than selling to cold prospects will mean a higher return on investment for your marketing campaign.

As you look at your aeration and overseeding campaign, ensure that you are building both inbound and outbound elements. Also, be sure to take advantage of all the free resources we've created to help you market your aeration and overseeding services (more on that later!).


Outbound Marketing

Outbound campaigns that you might use include direct mail or telemarketing.

Consider sending out prepay letters for the remainder of services along with aeration and overseeding applications to current customers. You could also send out a prepay letter specifically for aeration applications. Or, try a postcard to current customers. Whenever you send out a piece, following up with a telemarketing campaign to those customers that received the direct mail item will increase your return on investment significantly. 

No matter the direct mail or telemarketing route you decide to pursue, be sure to include an offer to entice your customers to give aeration and overseeding a try. 


Inbound Marketing

An ideal marketing campaign for aeration and overseeding would not just include outbound marketing strategies such as direct mail and telemarketing campaigns but would contain inbound marketing as well.

Right before mailing your postcards and prepay letters, consider sending an email newsletter or blog post to current customers, highlighting the benefits received from aeration applications. Also, consider tweeting and posting two to three times per week, the benefits of aeration and overseeding during your marketing campaigns.


Free Marketing Tools

We've designed numerous marketing tools for you to utilize during your aeration and overseeding marketing campaigns to help reel in customers. Download your Aeration Business In A Box to access your tools today. 

Download: Your Aeration in a Box! 

Some of the tools you'll have access to include:


1. Video Content

Your box contains video content that you can post on your website and share on social media. The video discusses the benefits of including aeration applications in your lawn care program and is a great telegraphic tool to educate customers on the benefits of aeration for the health of their lawn.


2. Mailers

Your box contains mailers including: postcards, letter/prepay text. The post cards and letter are designed to target your current customers and sell them aeration. The prepay text can be added to any prepay invoice for an aeration program. 


3. Education and marketing strategy

Your box contains educational materials on the science behind Holganix and how it helps amp up the benefits of aeration. It also contains a recorded version of our webinar on Growing your business through aeration applications to help you market aeration services. 

Download: Your Aeration in a Box! 

Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Jul 22, 2021 12:46:24 PM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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