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Meet our latest product! Holganix 2-10-20… Growing Shoot and Roots!


Looking to BOOST the health and recovery of your turf and plants? Holganix 2-10-20 is a liquid additive for your fertility program to stimulate growth of SHOOTS and ROOTS. Because Holganix 2-10-20 contains biological food sources and plant useable nutrients, when combined with any Holganix refrigerated liquid product, results are enhanced.

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Why use Holganix 2-10-20 with Holganix refrigerated liquid products?

  1. Stimulate new tissue development and new shoots from base of plant

  2. Promote healthy root growth

  3. Improve water efficiency of plant

  4. Foster a balanced soil ecosystem with living biology from Holganix refrigerated and biological food sources from Holganix 2-10-20


Winter is coming…

In addition to the key benefits listed above, using Holganix 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products during fall applications will increase plant hardiness to better survive winter injury and bounce back from winter stress.

Learn more about the effects of using 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products during winter preparation here.

Webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants  REALLY Ready for Winter? 

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Winter is Coming! Are YOUR Turf & Plants Ready?


Are your turf and plants REALLY ready for winter? Once winter hits, your turf and plants will be under a lot of stress to survive the season. Don’t let Jack Frost put your turf on ICE! Increase plant hardiness to better survive winter injury and recover in the spring.

Combining Holganix refrigerated liquid products with Holganix 2-10-20 for fall applications to turf and plants enhances plant hardiness.

Holganix 2-10-20 is our newest product and is a phosphorus and potassium-focused fertilizer that contains biological food sources.


How do Holganix & Holganix 2-10-20 increase plant hardiness?

1. Increases stress and cold tolerance by building strong roots.

Ingredients in Holganix refrigerated liquid products, like endo and ecto mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as the phosphorus and potassium found in Holganix 2-10-20, promote healthy root growth.

Promoting a thick, web-like root system can prevent roots from ripping when soil movement shifts as temperatures melt and freeze soil moisture.

Having deep roots can also help plants mine for moisture. As soils freeze, plants can literally die of thirst. Potassium also positively regulates water levels within the plant, preventing unnecessary water loss.


2. Increases nutrient utilization for plant hibernation

The nutrients contained in Holganix 2-20-20 are maximized through Armament Technology contained in 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products. Both work to increase uptake of nutrients by the plant.


3. Balances soil ecosystem with living biology

Holganix contributes to a balanced soil ecosystem that builds strong plants. A stronger plant will have the resilience to survive winter and bounce back from weather stress when spring arrives.

For example, Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria in Holganix refrigerated liquid products go to work when temperatures warm up and unlock nutrients, giving your plants a boost of energy to recover from winter injury. They also help unlock nutrients before soil temperatures drop below freezing to help the plant hibernate through winter.


Learn more about Holganix’s newest product

Holganix 2-10-20 is a liquid potassium and phosphorus-focused fertilizer containing biological food sources that BOOST plant growth.

When combined with Holganix refrigerated liquid products, results from Holganix 2-10-20 are enhanced!


Visit our Holganix 2-10-20 product page on the website here and then attend Holganix's upcoming webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants REALLY Ready for Winter?

Webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants  REALLY Ready for Winter? 

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