Promoting vigor and color in your flowers

Nothing looks more beautiful in a garden than colorful, healthy flowers. ...
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Why Are Roots Important To Turf Health?

In plant health, roots are often neglected. As the saying goes, out of ...
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Is your soil really healthy?

Time and time again, this blog has addressed the need and importance for ...
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Conducting Tree and Shrub Estimates: When and How?

Aren’t sure how to conduct a tree and shrub estimate for current clients? ...
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Are there limitations to using organic fertilizers?

So you’re considering using an organic fertilizer in your turf health ...
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Have you caught Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix Fever?

We have released our latest technological development: Healthy Grow Infused ...
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Is organic fertilizer right for you?

Organic fertilizers are in “vogue” in turf management, especially for lawn ...
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Holganix Case Studies: Pure Green Lawn Care is growing like crazy!

“I wanted to grow from 0 to 500 customers in 2014,” says Nathan Brandon. ...
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The Science Behind Holganix: Why are lawn care companies going green?

“Green is cool!” says Mark Tamn founder and CEO of organic-based lawn care ...
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