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Holganix Case Study: "The Proof is the Plants!" Says Zehrs Garden Center

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“Five stars!” says one homeowner on the Zehrs On The Lake Garden Center Facebook Page, “The plants and flowers are beautiful and huge!”

It’s not uncommon to receive five star reviews at Zehrs – a destination nursery in the Niagara region that’s known for growing a premium product. In fact, owner Mark Van Buren fondly refers to the glowing reviews as “The Zehrs Wows” or moments when customers are instantly gratified with their purchase.

Customers and nursery professionals will tell you that the hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs, clematis, roses and mums grown at Zehrs are heartier and healthier than those you find elsewhere.

When it comes to nurturing his plants, Mark has long believed in taking a biological approach. “We do a lot of research at Zehrs,” explains Mark. “That makes us more innovative and willing to try new products and ways of growing plants. I’ve long been drawn to using biological products like root stimulants and nutrient enhancers so adding Holganix Bloom to the mix was a natural next step.”

Holganix Bloom – a Bio 800+ product – is a 100% organic plant probiotic that harnesses the power of over 800 beneficial soil microbes to build resilient plants that need fewer inputs like fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides.

“I’ve been using Holganix Bloom for the last two years,” explains Mark. “There’s an extremely low cost associate with the product so I put Bloom on all of my plants!”

Watch Mark's video below from his greenhouses. If you are viewing this blog via email, click here to watch the video.


Holganix Bloom is Like Armor!

According to Mark, Holganix Bloom is like “wrapping my plants in armor!” Not only has it allowed him to produce a healthier overall plant, but also he believes the beneficial nematodes and other ingredients are helping him better manage the threat of harmful insects and pathogens.


How Zehrs Uses Holganix Bloom

As soon as Mark’s cutting trays arrive, he applies a sprench (spray + drench) of Holganix Bloom at a two-ounce per gallon rate. He then follows up that initial application every seven-to-ten days throughout the growing season.

“Using Holganix Bloom is a holistic process – not a magic bullet and not a one time application,” explains Mark. “I see Holganinx Bloom as a long term solution to boosting plant health.”


“The Proof Is In The Plants!”

“I would recommend Holganix Bloom to any grower,” assures Mark. “There’s a tremendous amount of science behind Holganix products and at the end of the day, the proof is in the plants!”


What's in Holganix Bio 800+ Bloom?

Fill out the form to access our ingredient list! 

Holganix Bio 800+ is filled to the brim with beneficial soil microorganisms, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to build HEALTHIER plants that need less fertilizer and pesticides.

While the Holganix ingredient list doesn't contain the entire secret recipe (it's a secret after all!), download the below white paper to learn:

1. Our key ingredients including the names to several types of soil microbes present in our formula

2. What those ingredients do for your turf and plants

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list! 

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Holganix Case Study: Harmony Hill Nursery Discusses Roots, Harvest and Plant Resilience

Harmony Hill Nursery

I would recommend the Holganix product line to others because it builds a healthier, stronger plant and... during installs the plants don't just survive, they thrive.” - Chris Uhland, PCH, Harmony Hill Nursery LLC

Chris Uhland, PCH is the COO and Co-Founder of Harmony Hill Nursery LLC, located in Downingtown, PA. Harmony Hill focuses on growing strong trees and shrubs for landscape contractors in the surrounding area.

In this blog, we’ll explore the results Chris has seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub over the years with a reflection by Holganix Director of Soil & Plant Science, Dr. Robert Neidermyer on the science behind those results.

What is Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub? Holganix Tree & Shrub is a member of the Bio 800+ family of products. It harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to build soil health, stimulate root growth and grow stronger plants that require fewer fertilizers and pesticides to be healthy. It also allows freshly installed plants to better root into their new home so plants don’t just survive, they thrive.

If you are reading this blog via email, please click here so you have access to the video portions of this blog.

Discussing Results At Planting

Holganix: Chris, can you tell us the results you have seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub when planting your liners?


Chris Uhland, PHC: When I was growing up working at my father’s farm, we would take our liners plant them and water them in. That’s how much of the industry operates. At Harmony Hill, we take it an extra step by root dipping the plant material into a 300 gallon slurry of Holganix Tree & Shrub and water for 20-to-30 minutes before it’s installed into our fields. The whole process of root dipping and installation takes us about 45 minutes. Taking the time to root dip, allows the plant to get rooted into and and adapted to its native soils faster. As a result, the plant is able to manage seasonal stresses, like a spring dry spell, much easier.

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us what’s going on scientifically when we use Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub at planting? And, why we get the results we do?


Dr. Bob: When it comes to installing new plant material, stimulating root growth is your number one prerogative. There are several microbes in Holganix Tree & Shrub that contribute to root development but one of the most important classes is Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB).

PGPB are bacteria, fungi and protozoa that live in a close and mutually beneficial relationship with roots. Roots secrete sugars and in response, PGPB produce plant hormones that do all kinds of things like stimulating root growth.

Having a thick, web-like root system early after planting ensures the plant has a better chance at survival when going through seasonal stresses. It also allows roots to more easily find nutrients and water in the soil to strengthen the plant.

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us what you recommend for nurseries and landscape contractors looking to use Holganix Tree & Shrub when installing new plants?

Dr. Bob: Because the production needs for a nursery and a landscape contractor are different, there is really two sets of directions. If you’re a landscape contractor installing a new landscape, we recommend simply watering the plant in with Holganix Tree & Shrub or Holganix Bloom after install. If you’re a nursery installing new plants, consider mirroring Chris’ practice of creating a slurry to soak the roots in before planting, then watering it in with Tree & Shrub after install.

Download Your Holganix Directions!

If you’re a landscaper looking to use Holganix Tree & Shrub at planting, download our Holganix Plant Start directions here. If you’re a nursery looking to use Holganix Tree & Shrub, watch our short video demonstration of a root dip at Muirfield Golf Club.

Harmony Hill Nursery

Shortening Time to Harvest

Holganix: Chris, can you tell us how Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub has allowed you to shorten your time to harvest?

Chris: In spring of 2017, we had mechanical, labor and weather issues. Normally I have all of my liners planted in early-April, but because of the issues, we planted in mid-May. That's a catastrophe for me because that's my livelihood.

We did Holganix Tree & Shrub applications in June and July. I was hoping our losses would be minimal and was expecting them to come in at about 20%-to- 30%. One year later, our losses came in at 7-to-8%, much less than expected.

Most of our material we line out at planting is 1-to-1.25 inches and we typically try to get a half-inch of growth out of each tree, each year. But, because of the Holganix Tree & Shrub applications, we also saw our trees reach a 2-to-2.25 inch caliber. We were harvesting in less than a year, and under a normal cycle that would be a two year harvest time. Not only did it save us time, and trees from being lost, it made us money by trimming off 1-to-2 years in our production cycle. 

Holganix: Dr. Bob, can you tell us how Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub would allow Chris to shorten the harvest time?

Dr. Bob: It really comes back to supporting a healthy root system with the soil microbes in Holganix Tree & Shrub. If you can promote a healthy root system that root system will be better positioned to care for the plant. The roots will become more efficient in finding nutrients that lead to growth. There are also other microbes in Holganix Tree & Shrub that promote the availability and uptake of nutrients.

Results During Disease and Insect Pressure

Holganix: Chris, can you tell us what kind of results you have seen with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub with disease and insect pressure?

Chris: A big thing that I noticed - and I was shocked to see it - was that our insect pressure isn’t as bad as others’ in the region. I attribute that to Holganix Tree & Shrub developing a stronger plant that may be less susceptible to insect pressure. Also, when disease pressure runs high we often need to do an extra fungicide spray applications. We haven’t had to do that once with Holganix Tree & Shrub. 

Holganix: Dr. Bob can you tell us why Chris is seeing less disease and insect pressure with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub?


Dr. Bob: There are certain microbes that form a synergistic relationship with the plant. Soil microbes will signal to the plant to put up it’s natural defense systems called Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) and Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) that combats pathogens. Those natural defense systems also allows the plant to better handle stressful situations like dealing with a drought or an overabundance of water. What happens between the plant and the microbes is a kind of chemical dialogue. Microbes also help through competitive displacement by occupying space around and on the plant that might have allowed pathogens close to the plant.

Additional Conversations with Chris @ Harmony Hill Nursery

If you want to learn more about Chris’ results with Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub, check out the below video topics.

1. Production Methods - Chris describes his application methods and how he uses Holganix Tree & Shrub from harvest to delivery to a customer.

2. Recommendation - Does Chris recommend Holganix Tree & Shrub?

3. Push It To The Limits - Holganix Tree & Shrub helps Chris push it to the limits with an order for a customer.

Download Our Ingredient List

Want to learn more about the Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub product, download our ingredient list using the link below and be sure to give us a call at 866-56-EARTH to get in touch with one of our horticulturists!

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Is YOUR Lawn Care Company Marketing Aeration and Overseeding?


Are you in the middle of planning for your fall aeration and overseeding marketing campaigns? Or, do you provide aeration and overseeding services but don't know how to market them? 

No worries, we've got your back! Aeration and overseeding is not only fantastic for plant and soil health, but for your wallet too. 

Aeration and overseeding are excellent opportunities to sell to your current lawn care customers. Not only do you know that your customers appreciate their lawn, they also know and love your company. Upselling to current customers rather than selling to cold prospects will mean a higher return on investment for your marketing campaign.

As you look at your aeration and overseeding campaign, ensure that you are building both inbound and outbound elements. Also, be sure to take advantage of all the free resources we've created to help you market your aeration and overseeding services (more on that later!).


Outbound Marketing

Outbound campaigns that you might use include direct mail or telemarketing.

Consider sending out prepay letters for the remainder of services along with aeration and overseeding applications to current customers. You could also send out a prepay letter specifically for aeration applications. Or, try a post card to current customers. Whenever you send out a piece, following up with a telemarketing campaign to those customers that received the direct mail item will increase your return on investment significantly. 

No matter the direct mail or telemarketing route you decide to pursue, be sure to include an offer to entice your customers to give aeration and overseeding a try. 


Inbound Marketing

An ideal marketing campaign for aeration and overseeding would not just include outbound marketing strategies such as direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, but would contain inbound marketing as well.

Right before mailing your post cards and prepay letters, consider sending an email newsletter or blog post to current customers, highlighting the benefits received from aeration applications. Also consider tweeting and posting two to three times per week, the benefits of aeration and overseeding during your marketing campaigns.


Free Marketing Tools

We've designed numerous marketing tools for you to utilize during your aeration and overseeding marketing campaigns to help reel in customers. Download your Aeration Business In A Box to access your tools today. 

Download your aeration in a box!

Some of the tools you'll have access to include:


1. Video Content

Your box contains video content that you can post on your website and share on social media. The video discusses the benefits of including aeration applications in your lawn care program and is a great telegraphic tool to educate customers on the benefits of aeration for the health of their lawn.


2. Mailers

Your box contains mailers including: postcards, letter/prepay text. The post cards and letter are designed to target your current customers and sell them aeration. The prepay text can be added to any prepay invoice for an aeration program. 


3. Education and marketing strategy

Your box contains educational materials on the science behind Holganix and how it helps amp up the benefits of aeration. It also contains a recorded version of our webinar on Growing your business through aeration applications to help you market aeration services. Download your aeration in a box!

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