Holganix Case Study: Interview with Green Pro Healthy Lawns

“Our mission is to nurture beautiful lawns – the natural, organic way,” ...
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Increasing Brix Index and Reducing Disease at Star Dairy

“I don’t sell something unless I’m sure it’s going to work,” explains Gilson ...
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"How can you NOT say yes?" - Mark Tavares, Aquarius Supply

“I can’t believe I’m getting this kind of result!” is something Mark Tavares, ...
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Why does Clay DuBose use Holganix?

Tucked amid some of the best course the Grand Strand has to offer, championship ...
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Not all granular fertilizers are created equal?

Plants have four basic food groups, which consist of nitrogen (N), ...
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Soil is home to biology!

The soil is truly a living thing, filled with millions and billions of life ...
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Ready to combat drought?

The infamous California drought, “now on its fouth year, has taken its toll ...
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10X Payback on Tomatoes with Holganix Agriculture?

“Last year, I ran into an agronomist from Red Gold – a big tomato processor ...
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Where does Muirfield Village Golf Club Use Holganix Products?

Muirfield Village Golf Club started testing Holganix products in 2013 on ...
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