Holganix Case Studies: Truly "Green" at Manada Golf Club

“Across the board, the color, thickness and depth of my roots were better ...
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How can Holganix improve golf course turf conditions?

What problems are superintendents seeing on the course? | Create infographics
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"I'm a firm believer in Holganix" - Jeffrey Koch, Glenmaura National Golf Club

“Other superintendents have reached out and asked me about Holganix Bio 800+ ...
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The Science Behind Holganix: Why are lawn care companies going green?

“Green is cool!” says Mark Tamn founder and CEO of organic-based lawn care ...
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The Holganix Blog: Is golf dying?

Is golf dying? Nationwide, only 25% of golfers are between the ages of 18 ...
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The Science Behind Holganix: Why do roots matter?

Which part of the turf are your customers going to grade you on: the green ...
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