Where does Muirfield Village Golf Club Use Holganix Products?

Muirfield Village Golf Club started testing Holganix products in 2013 on areas where Muirfield had tree and stump removal and during post aeration treatments, then expanded to greens. By 2014, they started using Holganix products in just about every aspect of Muirfield’s turf program including: greens, tees, fairways, renovation projects, flowers, trees and shrubs.


Results on greens and tees

According to Muirfield grounds personnel, one of the biggest benefits of Holganix Golf is root depth and density, especially on greens.  A lack of surge growth was another asset. “I never saw the huge release of nitrogen from all the bacteria in the soil profile. That’s good because I was able to control my clipping yield,” explains the Director of Grounds Operations.


Muirfield started using Holganix Golf on greens in 2013 with an initial application rate of 14 ounces per 1,000 square feet. Since then they have applied Holganix Golf monthly during the growing season at a rate of 7 ounces per 1,000 square feet. The greens primarily contain forms of bentgrass with 20% to 30% Poa invasion depending on the green.

For his bentgrass tees, they started with an initial application of 7 ounces per 1,000 square feet and has continued using it at that rate on a monthly schedule. 


Results on fairways

We’ve tried just about every product on fairways when it comes to removing thatch. Holganix Golf is the first product I’ve used that actually has merit and it’s something we continue to monitor,” says the Director of Grounds Operations. Overall, when comparing Holganix Golf to check plots, areas treated with Holganix Golf“had more vigor than those not applied with Holganix Golf.

Muirfield started using Holganix Golf on a couple of select fairways in the spring of 2013. By July of 2013, Paul was using Holganix Golf on all fairways at a rate of 7 ounces per 1,000 square feet with his monthly wetting agent program.


Results on renovation projects

Muirfield really started seeing a big rooting benefit with Holganix Golf in 2013. Between the Memorial and President’s Cup, the club decided to increase a green by 40 yards in length, in addition to adding a tee and two acres of undisturbed turf area. It ended up being more complex than anticipated… and they were concerned about playability for the President’s Cup. On August 13, 2013, 45 days before the President’s Cup, sod was installed. The first thing they did was apply 14 ounces of Holganix Golf.

By September 13, the renovation looked fantastic. As far as rooting and establishment, they have never been able to get sod established this quickly, especially at such a difficult time of year. According to the Director of Grounds Operations, “Holganix really helped. We had no issues going into the President’s Cup.”




Results on greenhouse production: trees, shrubs and flowers

Muirfield Village Golf Club has two, 3,000 square foot greenhouses containing 2,200 hanging baskets and 9,000 plants. Muirfield’s Horticulturist, Tim Hollowell, CGCS started using Holganix in the greenhouses in 2012. During production, Tim makes monthly applications of Holganix Bloom on flowers. He’s seen an increase in drought tolerance, increased stress tolerance, and an extended bloom time. For example, “We have 1,000 rhododendrons. I lose at least a couple dozen rhododendrons due to stress each year,” claims Tim. “Since using Holganix Bloom, I’ve seen huge reductions in the number of lost rhododendrons. They’re much healthier.” Click here to learn more about Tim’s results.



Future uses:

You might think Muirfield has implemented Holganix products in every applicable area of the course, but they are actually considering adding Holganix Golf to roughs and natural grass areas too. Building the soil food web adjacent to the playable course areas only helps maintain the balance within the greens tees and fairways. It’s all an ecosystem, and Holganix Golf keeps it in harmony.

soil food web

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