3 New Places To Try Holganix On The Golf Course!

Okay, you’ve tried Holganix on your greens and tees and have seen great results. But, have you considered what Holganix can do for all the other areas on your course? Many superintendents are using Holganix on fairways, clubhouse spaces, and on plants like the club’s flowers, trees and shrubs and seeing great results.




Fox Ridge Golf Course in Auburn, Maine. 

A lot of Holganix users are starting to adopt Holganix on their fairways program. That’s because Holganix can do a lot to help nurture the fairways, ultimately saving you from dealing with turf problems later on down the road. Some of the key reasons to use Holganix on fairways are:

1. Holganix reduces thatch, and therefore increases water infiltration into the soil. This lessens the amount of water held on the surface of the turf, ultimately robbing from spores a place to develop.  How does Holganix reduce thatch? Holganix introduces beneficial microorganisms to the soil which break down the thatch layer.

2. Holganix increases root health (I bet you haven’t heard that one before!). Having a good root system supports a healthy turf crown promoting a firmer surface. A firm course always plays well for your golfers. How does Holganix increase root health? The presence of beneficial fungi such as trichoderma and mycorrhizae in addition to humic and fulvic acids promote healthy roots and root development. For additional information on ingredients contained within Holganix and there functions, click here.

3. If you have an area of the course that sees a lot of disease stresses, Holganix can help fungicides work more efficiently.


Barrington Golf Club on Fairways

Mark Figurella, Superintendent of Barrington Golf Club, states that maintaining healthy turf on fairways is one of the biggest benefits he sees while using Holganix. The fairways at Barrington Golf Club were originally seeded with seaside bent grass in the early 1990s. In the past, the turf has given him a lot of trouble. “We are one of the only courses left with seaside bent grass on fairways,” Figurella claims. With Holganix, “the seaside has done really well,” says Figurella. “In fact, Jack Nicklaus was here this summer. He was very complimentary of the seaside and how good it looked.” Click here to learn more about Figurella's Holganix experience.


Fox Ridge Golf Course on Fairways

According to Ed Michaud, Superintendent of Fox Ridge Golf Course, one of his biggest benefits when using Holganix is disease suppression, especially on fairways. He has reduced his fungicide use by 1 to 2 applications per year. “I can’t eliminate fungicides,” admits Michaud, “but Holganix has helped.” Michaud uses the minimum label rate with 21-day intervals between applications. He has also reduced the rate of nitrogen used per year on his fairways to 2.5 – 3.5 pounds per year because with Holganix, “the nitrogen just goes further.” Click here to learn more about Michaud's Holganix experience. 


Beavercreek Golf Club on Fairways

For Mike Gafkjen, Superintendent of Beavercreek Golf Club, his decision to utilize Holganix on a massive scale lays in his test results. Gafkjen recalls one story in particular where he compared Holganix on a fairway to non-treated Holganix fairway. He sprayed Holganix at the the start of September 2013; come October, “we had a lot of dollar spot… with the exception of the fairway that we sprayed with Holganix.” Click here to learn more about Gafkjen's Holganix experience.

With stories like this, how can you not use Holganix on Fairways?


Flowers, Trees and Shrubs 

One of the first things Paul B. Latshaw did when he became Director of Grounds Operations at Muirfield Village Golf Club was to bring in a horticulturist to focus on caring for the club’s flowers, trees and shrubs. In 2012, Muirfield Horticulturist, Tim Hollowell CGCS, starting using Holganix Tree and Shrub in all of his green houses. Because Holganix promotes optimal plant health, it has helped Tim produce healthier and stronger plants that see less pest and stress issues.


For example, “We have 1,000 rhododendrons. I used to lose at least a couple dozen rhododendrons per year due to phytophthora,” claims Tim. “Since using Holganix, I’ve seen huge reductions in the number of lost rhododendrons. They are so much healthier.” In fact, over the past seven years, he had one stubborn rhododendron that never seemed to get green. “No matter what I threw at it, I never got results. With Holganix, it’s green and leaves are expanding.” Click here to learn more about Tim's experience.

While we can’t all go out and hire top-notch horticulturists like Tim for our courses, paying attention to flowers, trees and shrubs can boost the overall appearance of the golf course and provide a beautiful back drop to your green, healthy turf.


The Club House

The clubhouse turf is the “door mat” to the club, so make sure you’ve got it looking its best! Ray Cuzzone is the director of landscape services at Mountain Lake Corporation, a private home and golf community nestled in Lake Wales, Florida. Two of the properties Cuzzone treats are the “Colony House” and pro shop. At the end of the day, says Cuzzone, “your goal as a landscaper is to build up the plant’s health as much as possible.” Cuzzone believes Holganix is the ticket to building plant strength naturally. Click here to learn more about Cuzzzone's Holganix experience.


 What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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