The Science Behind Holganix: Mycorrhizae Unveiled!

The Science Behind Holganix

Entry fifteen: Mycorrhizae Unveiled!


In entry 10, we talked about some of the awesome things that help achieve natural weed suppression. One of the secrets we shared was a little-known fungi called mycorrhizae. What is this and why is it so special? Mycorrhizae and roots live in symbiosis with one another. While the mycorrhizae help to shuttle nutrients and moisture to the roots. The roots in turn excrete a food source for the mycorrhizae. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. There are numerous benefits to incorporating mycorrhizae products into your lawn care treatment plant. Some of them include: 

  • Drought Resistance: When a healthy plant has a vast root network (a benefit of mycorrhizae), it can hold onto more moisture. The more moisture the plant is able to hang on to, the better its chances for withstanding droughts! Having a longer root mass also allows the plant to look deeper into the soil for water.

  • Healthy Roots / Healthy Plants: The soil is home to many bacteria and fungi. While most of these organisms are helpful to plant health some are pathogens. Summer patch and brown patch originate in the soil and/or thatch. Roots growing in association with mycorrhizae are vigorous and healthy. Healthy roots resist infection better than unhealthy roots and deny summer patch and brown patch an opportunity for infection.

  • Other Great Benefits: The benefits of adding mycorrhizae to your plants doesn’t just stop there. They also help in many other functions including enhancement of plant health and vigor, seedling growth and plant transplant establishment.


Check out the video below to hear Holganix specialist Mike Reed explain the benefits and importance of utilizing mycorrhizae in your lawn care treatment plan.

Mycorrhizae act in phenomenal ways, but how can you acquire it? One way to start using mycorrhizae is through Holganix. Holganix doesn’t just contain mycorrhizae but also contains numerous other ingredients targeting overall plant health.


Posted by Nicole Wise on May 10, 2012 5:00:00 PM

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