Behind the Science of Holganix: The Secrets of the Forest

Behind the Science of Holganix

Entry sixteen: The Secrets of the Forest


If you walk into a forest, you discover it teeming with life. It’s thriving, green and healthy and it’s doing it naturally. The fact that the forest is doing this without the help from chemical product seems almost magical, but it’s actually a scientific process that has been ongoing from the start. In the forest, the circle of life is complete. Beneficial microorganisms are helping sustain this beautiful, natural environment at every moment.

Unfortunately, lawns, unlike forests, aren’t a natural phenomena and this natural process can’t happen on its own. Lawn care companies have taken the reins and have become agents to help keep plants green and healthy. Sometimes, although we are not aware of it, we do this in ways that are harmful to the natural environment. High salt fertilizers and the over use of fungicides are examples of things that, in time, can actually do more damage than good to lawns. As we utilize more and more chemical product, we are accidentally stripping the lawn of its natural beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms are crucial to the health of the plants, and destroying them can be dangerous to the lawn. We are also unknowingly creating a dependence in which the lawn and soil need more and more chemical product. Eventually, if you’ve over used chemical product, the lawn could stop reacting!

There is a better way to create healthy, green plants. We can utilize the secrets of the forest to maintain green coloring and improve plant health. Through the use of Holganix or other bio stimulants, you can build the biology in the lawn naturally while dramatically reducing your use of chemical product. To learn more about the secrets of the forest, check out this video, featuring Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek.

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Posted by Nicole Wise on May 21, 2012 12:11:00 PM

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