The Science Behind Holganix: Holistic Organic Lawn Care

The Science Behind Holganix

Entry 32: Holistic Organic Lawn Care


Does the name Holganix seem strange to you? The name Holganix came from our personal definition of our product. To us, Holganix means: Holistic Organic Plant Care.

Holistic organic plant care focuses on three core principles that Holganix incorporates into our innovative product: active bio nutrients, pro-biotic health for plants and sustained plant wellness. Let’s explore each in depth.

Active Bio Nutrients

Holganix is teeming with beneficial microorganisms, countless plant nutrients, fungi and other goodies that make the product extremely effective for plants. These key ingredients are active bio nutrients for plant health. For a list of our ingredients, visit our blog entry entitled: The Holganix Secret Recipe.

Pro-biotic for Plant Health

Part of what makes Holganix so great is that it is pro-biotic for plants! Holganix helps balance the ratio of microbes within the soil to ensure a healthy habitat for plants. It allows the soil food web to work appropriately to get the maximum benefit. No one piece of the soil food web should be out of sync; Holganix allows the web to work in harmony.

Furthermore, Holganix utilizes active bio nutrients to help build resistance to pathogens, insects and weeds. It also helps plant growth flourish and increases the green coloring of turf. All of these active bio nutrients allow Holganix to naturally create healthier plants in an extremely cost-effective way.

Sustained Plant Wellness

Whereas chemical fertilizer gives plants a short fix of health, Holganix builds up sustained plant wellness. The active bio nutrients build up the plant’s health for longer lasting improvement. At Holganix, we value long-term solutions for today’s problems.


To learn more about Holganix, check out our website or give us a call at 866-56-EARTH. 

Posted by Nicole Wise on Sep 27, 2012 1:37:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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