The Science Behind Holganix: Let's Talk Compost



Composting is the process of breaking down organic matter, like kitchen garbage and yard clippings, into natural fertilizer. You can thank the millions of microorganisms for natural fertilizer. These hard, microscopic workers toil away in composting bins to break down garbage, yard clippings and other organic matter into the highly nutritious (nutritious for a plant!) fertilizer. Composting is an efficient way of recycling and going green while maintaining healthy, happy plants.  

Some of the wonderful things you can use to create your own compost pile include but are not limited to: ingredients for compost

*Note to the reader: The above chart is from Composting101.com, which is a great resource for anyone looking for more information or instructions on how to create a great compost pile.

Many do-it-yourself composters turn their compost heaps into a liquid compost tea. A compost tea turns all of the fabulous nutrients and microorganisms found in the compost pile into a very concentrated form.


Downsides associated with composts and compost teas?

The problem with composting and compost teas is that they are highly inconsistent and time consuming. Creating a compost pile takes time. After all, the microorganisms may be hard workers, but they have a lot of material to go through. Turning the rich and nutritious fertilizer into a compost tea can be complicated and time consuming. Furthermore, since you are adding different ingredients to the compost pile each time, results can be inconsistent. One pile of compost may be pure gold but the next could be less than perfect.


Overcoming inconsistencies from DIY compots and compost teas

Holganix Bio 800+ is a highly evolved version of compost tea, containing over 800 species of beneficial microorganisms. Unlike a compost pile or compost tea, the Holganix Bio 800+ formula is consistent every time and is engineered from 11 different climate zones in America. Furthermore, we DNA Fingerprint each batch of product produced to ensure the product is living (literally) up to Holganix's quality standards. 


What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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