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Create Powerful Direct Mail Campaigns That Work!



During Nicole’s “Wise Webinars,” it’s not unusual to hear a client speak up against the use of direct mailing in their marketing plans, claiming that direct mail never works. The problem is that these clients aren’t utilizing the power of direct mailing properly. Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek and Holganix Head of Marketing Nicole Wise discussed at length three key things that need to occur to have a high return on investment for direct mailing:

  1. A great list
  2. A compelling offer
  3. Good timing

“Companies who fulfilled these three requirements,” states Nicole, “turned around their ROI on direct mailing.” Let’s examine each of these requirements.


Develop a Great List - What does your list look like? Your list contains your prospects, but they aren’t just picked out of the blue. There is a definite plan to choosing your list. Hand pick your list based on the demographics you serve. For example, Unlimited Landscaping in Delaware serves a finite niche of retired Americans. Unlimited Landscaping wouldn’t reach out to a young up-and-coming neighborhood because it doesn’t fit their niche. Also be sure to select your golden streets, those streets that contain your most profitable potential prospects. These are neighborhoods that fit your niche but also are neighborhoods you have your sights on conquering in terms of lawn care. Click here for more information on developing a great list.


Create a Compelling Offer- What does your offer look like? What makes a compelling offer? Providing discounts from 10-15% is usually the sweet spot. You could also offer a free service in order to reel in any hesitant prospects. Having a tangible offer like a free application can be more powerful than a simple discount. However, no matter what the offer is, remember that a direct mail piece’s purpose is to make your prospects ACT!


Good Timing- If possible, try to time so your direct mail piece arrives on a sunny day versus when it’s snowing or raining and the lawn isn’t on the homeowner’s mind. Also be sure to send several direct mail pieces out throughout the season to your powerfully segmented list.


Other things to keep in mind for having a great ROI on your direct mail campaign are the look of the piece and the support you have in the office. Design a direct mail piece that is simple with a clear message and call to action. There is no need to overwhelm your prospect with a cluttered piece; simplicity will get your farther every time. Having support back at your office is also important. After all, if people start calling, you need the manpower to answer phones, get questions answered, and sell! Check out this former blog entry on creating beautiful direct mail pieces for more information.

Posted by Nicole Wise on Apr 9, 2013 1:10:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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