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Shhh... Seed Germination Secret

Holganix seed germination

“When it comes to seed germination,” says Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek, “selecting the right seed starter is crucial.” In order to ensure that clients are giving turf seed the head start they need, Holganix has unrolled a new product aimed specifically at seed germination. With a medley of biologicals and synthetic elements, the Holganix Granular 7-9-5 analysis is designed to leverage the most out of your seedlings. Because of the biological meta-catalyst properties of the Holganix Granular 7-9-5, you are receiving results similar to an 18-25-12 (a typical analysis for a starter fertilizer). It works synergistically with Mother Nature to add organic matter and vital microbial life to the soil. The result is a more natural living soil using nutrients and water more efficiently while building deeper and denser root systems for healthier overall turf.

“The key benefits of utilizing the 7-9-5,” states Rob Tyndall, account manager at Holganix, “is in the ingredients.” Yucca extract, an ingredient found within Holganix 7-9-5, allows nutrients to enter the plant quickly, in turn developing faster seed germination. “Additionally, the Mycorrhizae and organic matter (other ingredients within Holganix) also play important roles,” says Tyndall. In specific, Mycorrhizae helps build a deep root system, giving your seedlings the foundation that they need to grow, while organic matter helps hold more soil moisture, ensuring that seedlings have the resources they need to grow. According to Penn State University, “A good source of organic matter amended into soils improves water and nutrient retention, reducing the need for irrigation and fertilizer.” What are the other benefits to using the Holganix Granular 7-9-5 analysis? Check out some of the other crucial benefits below.

The key benefits:

  • Biodac – optimizes the carbon:nitrogen ratio by increasing the presence and availability of organic matter.
  • Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma – beneficial fungi that help build a deep, strong root system, giving your seedlings the foundation they need to grow.
  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria – improves turf color by releasing natural sources of nitrogen and making nitrogen uptake more efficient.
  • Phosphorous – promotes root, flower and seed development.
  • Potassium – allows plants to better resist stress as well as cold and hot temperatures.
  • Iron and other trace elements, such as copper, zinc and boron


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Posted by Nicole Wise on Oct 15, 2013 10:16:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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