Holganix Case Study: Healthier, Stronger Trees and Shrubs at Waynes Environmental Service

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What does it take to become a landscape and pest control powerhouse in the Birmingham, Alabama market? For Waynes Environmental Service in Birmingham, Alabama it is a winning mix of legacy, culture and great results.

Waynes Environmental Service has been operating for over 40 years and serves 50,000+ homes and families to meet their landscape and pest control needs. “Apply monthly pest control applications for a local elementary school was our first customer,” mentions Justin Brown, the Regional Lawn Services Leader at Waynes’, “today our business serves 60,000 families and businesses.”

But despite the growth, Waynes’ has always kept its family of team members, customers, and community foremost in mind. “For our company, our family of team members and customers means everything, and you can really feel that when you work here.” Waynes also gives back to the community through several charitable organizations.

According to the team… erm - family -, “Charitable work isn’t just something we do. It’s something we GET to do because of YOU.”

And, when it comes to results, “every little thing matters a lot.” For their tree and shrub services, they harness the power of HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub to nourish healthier trees, shrubs and ornamentals.


Results with HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub

According to Justin, “We started using the product in the summer of 2016.” He tested the product on Crape Myrtles suffering from sooty mold and Indian Hawthornes suffering from leaf spots. Because HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub is focused on boosting plant resilience by building healthy soil, the Crape Myrtles and Indian Hawthorns have seen drastically less disease pressure. “That test is what convinced us to implement HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub  throughout our applications,” admits Justin.

Since implementing the product in their tree and shrub program, “we’ve seen a reduction in disease stress and just an overall healthier plant. The growth, vigor, and color have all improved and the plants just look fuller.” Justin also notes that if the plants are hit by some sort of stress, he has seen a much faster recovery; “they bounce back faster,” explains Justin.

The fact that Wayne’s uses HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub also helps them differentiate from their competition.HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub is one of the first things we mention when discussing our tree and shrub applications with customers and prospects. They love the fact that it is not only organic but provides amazing results.”

HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub has really lived up to our expectations,” says Justin. “It’s created great results, provides a leg up on the competition, and the Holganix team has been great to work with.”

want to Learn More about HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree and Shrub 

If you want to learn more about HGX PRO Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub, be sure to watch this 25-minute video featuring an interview between Holganix’s Rob McCoy and our horticulturist, Ed Karpyn.

>>Click here to watch the video

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