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Holganix Case Study: "Rebuilding Biological Conditions in the Urban Landscape"

Dane Manobianco isn’t new to the world of biological products in landscape management. He’s been working with biological programs for over 8 years and has specifically been using Holganix Bio 800+ for 5 years as a team member at Dahlman’s Landscape Management in Bradenton, Florida.

Holganix Bio 800+ is a 100% organic plant probiotic that harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to build stronger, more resilient plants that require up to 75% less fertilizer and pesticides.

According to Dane, “I’m a firm believer in rebuilding biological conditions in the urban landscape. We are delivering the ability to actually boost [plant health] and provide real value.”

Dane likes to compare the use of Holganix Bio 800+ on plants as being similar to properly raising a child. When you use synthetic products, it’s like “a child drinking energy drinks and eating fast food all the time.” But, when you use biological products, it’s like raising a child and you “feed the child properly… provide the right amount of sleep and help it stay active,” he states.

With Bio 800+, “we are providing a healthy environment to have a stronger landscape and you’re seeing less [problems] because the plant is stronger and can heal itself,” Dane says.

Watch our video below to learn more about the results Dane is seeing with Holganix Bio 800+. 


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