Holganix Case Studies: "Our close ratio doubled to 50+%"

“I first started pulling a hose when I was 17 years old,” says David Underwood, Holganix representative to the Mid-East. “My dad was in the growing industry, so plants were a part of my life since childhood.”

When we first found David, he was the marketing and advertising director of Secure Turf – one of Holganix’s first customers (actually the second!). “I was open to alternative methods to lawn fertilization and I liked trying new things. I was the perfect candidate to be an early Holganix adopter.”

holganix reviewDavid was excited to try Holganix. He saw Holganix as a creative way to differentiate Secure Turf from the competition. “I knew I could sell this stuff. I knew that it could differentiate us and take us to the next level.” But David ran into a couple problems early on in his Holganix experience.

“We started Holganix… but we didn’t follow the instructions and as a result, the product didn’t perform up to par. We learned our lesson.” Once David put the program back into shape, he started seeing results. “One of the first things we noticed was consistent health and coloration of the turf. When we used traditional methods, we were yo-yoing or bouncing from one extreme of color to the next. That didn’t happen with Holganix. Using Holganix is like running a marathon, not a sprint.” By the end of the year, David was seeing a 25% increase in rooting and had reduced inputs across the board.

“However, one of our biggest successes with Holganix was utilizing the Holganix model to grow our business. We incorporated the Holganix marketing plan and differentiated our business by utilizing the product,” explains David. “Overall, our close ratio doubled to 50+%. When people called the office we could create a transaction right then rather than the usual can you email me some information. “

Five years later, we are happy to say David has become an invaluable part of the Holganix team. “I saw the bigger picture in the green industry and I knew that the next step in my life was to give back to my industry through working with Holganix. The cool thing is that my experience at Secure Turf allows me to put myself in the customers’ shoes and to help them leverage Holganix and best business practices to grow their lawn care companies. It’s sounds cheesy, but my goal is to make my customers reach their potential.”

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Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Oct 2, 2015 8:29:00 AM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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