Not all granular fertilizers are created equal?

Screen_Shot_2015-08-18_at_11.29.36_PMPlants have four basic food groups, which consist of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) nutrients, and also trace minerals like iron, boron, copper and zinc.
Just like in human health, it’s essential that the plant receives its food in the right balance. That’s where biosolid-based granular fertilizer steps in.

Biosolids are full of tasty nutrients like NPK, trace minerals and an extra heap of organic matter, which breaks down into food sources for soil microorganisms. However, just like with human health, your plant needs to take its probiotics.

That’s where probiotic, bionutritional granular fertilizer products step in. Just like biosolids, bionutritional products contain NPK, trace minerals and organic matter. However, unlike biosolids, bionutritional products are full of living microorganisms and other “vitamins” to boost the plant’s “immune system”.

Living microorganisms are essential to plant life, and many soils do not contain sufficient levels to support healthy plants. Biosolid-based fertilizers contain nutrients, but no living microorganisms. Therefore, they rely solely on soil’s existing biology levels to help plants uptake nutrients and fortify the plant’s natural defenses against disease and insects. 

Conversely, HolganixI Granular, a probiotic, bionutritional product created by infusing Holganix liquid onto various types of granules, containing substantial amounts of living microorganisms, as well as the nutrients plants crave.

The diverse, abundant biology in HolganixI Granular works symbiotically to deliver essential nutrients to plants so efficiently that inputs such as NPK and pesticides can be reduced up to 50%.


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Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Aug 20, 2015 9:36:00 PM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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