The Science Behind Holganix: What's The Secret to Plants?

The Science Behind Holganix

Entry 36: What’s The Secret to Plants?


What’s the secret to plants? Just like humans, plants have numerous hormones that help them respond to their environments. Hormones rely on alterations in the environment (i.e. temperature and the direction of sunlight) to change the way a plant grows. This increases the plant’s survival rate and helps the plant stay healthy and happy. There are four major types of plant hormones that can have amazing effects on plants. They are in charge of some serious tasks including plant growth, seed germination and fruit development.


Plant Growth

There are several hormones that help specifically with plant growth. Gibberellins and auxins both help with stem elongation. Auxins also stimulate root branching and a third hormone, known as a cytokin, initiates new branches. As you can imagine, these hormones can have a significant influence on the appearance of landscapes.


Seed Germination and Fruit Development

Hormones also help with seed germination and fruit development. For instance, cytokins help with seed germination while gibberellins actually increase the speed of seed germination and flower development. Gibberellins are also in charge of increasing the size of fruit while ethylene increases the speed of fruit ripening and auxins contribute to fruit development. When it comes to crops, fruit ripening can be key and when aeration season is in effect, seed germination is something to keep in mind.


Hormones are capable of doing amazing things for your turf, gardens and crops. Because Holganix uses vegetative and crustacean waste, all of these hormones are present. The plants’ reactivity to these hormones is based on their geographic region and can be increased by the perpetual health of the surrounding environment or to the care that we give to lawns, landscapes and farms with compost tea and natural organic processes. Plants can do some absolutely amazing things. However, they wouldn’t be able to survive or thrive without the help from their hidden friends: the plant hormones.

Posted by Nicole Wise on Oct 19, 2012 12:01:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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