Holganix Case Studies: Boosting Biology at Crooked Stick Golf Club

“I want to identify problems, fix them and move on” states Jake Gargasz, Superintendent of Crooked Stick Golf Club.

"In 2012, one of the biggest problems we faced was localized dry spots at Crooked Stick. The soil was not in balance. In order to have optimal playing conditions, you need healthy, resilient turf. You will never have the desired turf conditions until you focus on what is underneath the turf."

That’s why Jake began looking into humates, compost teas and other scenarios to help boost biology. “Holganix was a great fit.”


Jake started in the golf industry at an early age, playing golf as a kid and working at courses throughout high school. “I had a passion for golf, using my hands and being outside. Golf was the logical choice.”

After receiving his Associates degree in turfgrass management from Ohio State, Jake went to work for Paul B. Latshaw at Oak Hill Country Club and eventually Muirfield Village Golf Club.

“Making the switch to Crooked Stick was a great move for me. The membership is extremely supportive of what we are doing and realize how hard we work to give them the best possible conditions. That’s pretty special,” says Jake.

When Jake decided to give Holganix a shot, he set up check plots to quantify the results.

“One of the things I noticed initially was that we were getting the same results with less inputs. That’s because we were breaking down thatch and unlocking nutrients that weren’t being utilized by the plant.”

Over the past three years, Jake has reduced nitrogen use by about 50% and his dry spots are a thing of the past.

In addition to dry spot and input reductions, Jake has seen less instances of dollar spot breakout and increased playability. “Our turf roots are more fibrous and all surfaces are more resilient to summer heat and drought.”

All in all, “I would absolutely recommend Holganix,” says Jake.  

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Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Mar 16, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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