Holganix Case Study: "Holy Moly" Paul Pushes Rose Growth with Holganix


"It's only the beginning of spring and there is already new growth on my roses," explains Paul Zimmerman, a rose consultant from Campobello, South Carolina. "Before using HGX PRO Bio 800+ Bloom, the roses would not push out new growth until after spring. I expect that growth to push out beautiful blooms." 

Paul started using the Bio 800+ Bloom this fall after learning about it on the Joe Gardener podcast, which featured an interview with Holganix President of Agriculture, Dave Stark, Ph.D. “What intrigued me most during the podcast was the conversation about soil health. I realized instantly that Holganix was something I was looking for in my garden. I was fascinated by the research that went into HGX PRO Bio 800+ products, plus it is a liquid which makes it easy to spray on, explains Paul.”

So far, Paul has administered two applications of HGX PRO Bio 800+ Bloom on his rose gardens which also include perennials and other shrubs. The first application was in the fall and the second application was in early spring. “After just two applications, I have already seen really nice new plant growth.”

The basil breaks on the roses have been significant. “Holy moly, look at that thing!” says Paul in a follow-up testimonial he created and posted on Twitter.     

If you want to learn more about Paul’s results, check out his video testimonial below. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to watch the video. 


Why use HGX PRO Bio 800+ Bloom on Your flowers?

Most problems facing your plants begin with poor soil, which is void of the life found in a natural forest environment," states Dr. Robert Neidermyer, Holganix Director of Plant and Soil Science. 

“Healthy soils are teeming with beneficial soil microbes that naturally fortify plants, strengthening from stress caused by disease, insects, and drought. Healthy soils also hold water and nutrients longer than poor soils and are porous, allowing plant roots to develop.” 

HGX PRO Bio 800+ Bloom is focused on building soil health by harnessing the power of over 800 species of soil microbes. Ultimately, using HGX PRO Bio 800+ Bloom will build stronger plants, develop root architecture, maximize plant color, and offset the need for large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides.


What results can you expect with HGX PRO Bio 800+ Bloom? 

  • Improved heal in during planting, so your plants don't just survive, they thrive
  • More plentiful and more colorful blooms 
  • Vigorous root growth 
  • Stronger plants that better tolerate environmental stresses
  • Fewer inputs needed including water, fertilizer, and pesticides 


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