What is Holganix Bio 800+?

Holganix Bio 800

At Holganix, one of our core values is Evolution & Revolution. What does that mean? (1) we want to create a revolution in the green industry and (2) we believe in continually evolving our business and products to make them better and better.

With a focus on biology as the solution to plant health, Holganix is continually pioneering (dare we say, revolutionizing…) new methods of incorporating biology to build resilient plants and healthier soils. After all, fostering healthy plants begins by fostering healthy soils that are teeming with beneficial soil microbes.

As our industry evolves, we are excited that plant probiotics are becoming steadily accepted by the industry. However, as competitors emerge, we felt the need to evolve our brand and rename our flagship product line (the liquid, refrigerated products like Holganix Lawn, Golf, Tree and Shrub and Bloom) to differentiate it from the competition.

That is one of the reasons why Holganix is channeling its core value of Evolution & Revolution to re-named its flagship product line as Bio 800+.


Why Bio 800+?

Bio stands for life; 800 stands for the number of microbe species present in the product line; and + stands for more than or beneficial. In other words, Holganix Bio 800+ contains over 800 species of beneficial, living microorganisms (click to access the ingredient list). That’s a lot of bugs in our jug!

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In fact, if you compare Holganix Bio 800+ to the competition, you’ll notice that all other products contain 2 or 3 or maybe 6 species of soil microbes that target specific plant problems.

When it comes to microbial products, the microbe count is important, yet diversity can be even more crucial. By having a product filled with a diversity of life, the soil and plant is prepared for whatever hurdle it needs to face.

Think of it as your equivalent to a multi-vitamin. Instead of a magic bullet, Holganix Bio 800+ products parachute in an army of specialists, each of which is capable of filling in gaps to balance the biological requirements of the soil.

Consider the environment you are asked to grow plants in. Are the soils the same from property-to-property? Do the climate conditions change day-to-day or hour-by-hour? Are the pathogens and stresses that are attacking your plants changing? Don’t you want to give your plants every possible advantage to adopt and respond to all of these changing challenges?  

Whereas a single microbial strain would be able to assist with one single, targeted problem, a microbial product with a huge diversity of species is better equipped to handle problems in a changing environment.

Just as a car can’t be fixed with a single screwdriver, Holganix Bio 800+ is an entire toolbox of microbes adept to handle numerous problems.

In a nutshell, Holganix Bio 800+ is a complete ecosystem in a jug that harnesses the power of over 800 species of beneficial microorganisms to:

1. Increase the plant's tolerance of stress from weather, disease and insect

2. Stimulate healthy foliage and root growth

3. Reduce inputs including fertilizers, pesticides and water

4. Many other benefits!



How can Holganix stuff so much life into a jug of Holganix Bio 800+?

When looking at microbial products, like Holganix’s Bio 800+, it’s not uncommon to be stumped by the ingredients. After all, the product is living and changing; how can you really be certain that you are applying a viable product?

Because Holganix is committed to producing quality product, Bio 800+ is:

1. Field and university tested

Holganix spends six-figures annually on university testing to learn more about our product and to validate claims. To read the cliff notes from our University Studies click here. Holganix also has recorded 70+ case studies across America. To access our favorite case studies click here.

2. DNA fingerprinted for product consistency

Each batch of product is DNA fingerprinted to ensure that each batch produced is living (literally) up to Holganix’s quality standards.

3. Refrigerated to keep the life dormant and fresh for use

At the end of the day, you can keep a couple or a few microorganisms dormant without refrigeration. But, to keep the diversity and quantity of microorganisms present in Bio 800+ fresh and ready for use, refrigeration is key.

4. 100% organic

To keep our product safe for people, pets and the environment, Holganix Bio 800+ is 100% organic.

Download The Holganix Bio 800+ Ingredient List

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