The Science Behind Holganix: Keeping Your Lawn Alive in the Summer

The Science Behind Holganix:

Entry 20: Keeping Your Lawn Alive in the Summer


The summer weather is not kind to your lawn, and with the sun often comes crispy, brown turf. Nothing feels worse on your bare feet or looks more dreadful at a BBQ than a sad lawn. So how can you keep your lawn beautiful and green in the heat of the summer? These tips may be your saving grace.


Tip #1: Watering

When it comes to watering your turf, it doesn’t have to be every day. Just make sure it’s a deep watering.  Another consideration is to water in the morning before the sun evaporates all the moisture. If the lawn is watered later in the night, it can promote disease.

Tip #2: Mowing

Let your grass grow a little higher. Taller grass is more tolerant to drought and allows for deeper root growth.

Tip #3: Fertilizing

Watch out when it comes to fertilizing in the summer. No matter how much your fingers itch to add a little extra fertilizer to compensate for the summer stress, don’t do it. Nitrogen fertilizers burn more easily during the summer, and this is especially true when you over apply. Try switching to a slow-releasing nitrogen fertilizer if you feel fertilization is definitely needed or switch to a bio stimulant like Holganix. Bio stimulants won’t burn, no matter how much you apply.

Tip #4:  Dealing with Insects and Diseases

Summer is the high season for fungal diseases. Be on the watch for these guys. They are usually hidden in the dormant grass, and you can’t see the damage until the lawn goes green. Another thing to keep in mind are grubs. Grubs start hatching over the summer. Consult with your local lawn specialist for more information, especially if grubs are frequent visitors to your grass. Keep in mind that if you haven’t applied a grub preventive, be prepared to aerate and seed this fall.

Tip #5: Adding Bio Stimulants

Keeping your lawn beautiful and green during the hot summer months is difficult but not impossible. Bio stimulants, like Holganix, can be your golden ticket. Holganix contains natural insect, disease and drought suppression that can make all the difference this summer. Learn more at www.Holganix.com.


Good luck this summer season! If you have any other summer tips for our readers, let us know or post a comment. The more information we share together, the better we can all get through the hot summer.


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Posted by Nicole Wise on Jun 28, 2012 1:30:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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