Does PB1 REALLY Work? Don't Ask Us. Ask Our Customers!

Our PB1 product line has been a hot topic in the green industry – and it ...
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Meet Our PB1 Product Line

After several years of testing with our friends and partners at ENP Solutions
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What Are Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria?

Plants aren’t as vulnerable as they appear. Soil microbes form symbiotic ...
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Top 5 Favorite Articles on Soil Microbes

At Holganix, we are self-appointed soil geeks. Learning about new trends, ...
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What is the Soil Food Web?

Within the soil exists a complex balance between the soil microorganisms and ...
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What is Holganix Bio 800+?

At Holganix, one of our core values is Evolution & Revolution. What does ...
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What’s really in a jug of Holganix Bio 800+?

When looking at microbial products, like Holganix’s Bio 800+ (the liquid, ...
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