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Lawn Care Marketing: Selling To The "Whole Foods" Customer

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Organic isn't a fad - in fact, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA) 82% of U.S. households buy organic with millennials representing the largest group of organic buyers in America. That many not seem like a large number to you, but consider that today 25% of millennials have families and that in 10-to-15 years, that number is expected to increase to 80%.

Can you consider how these new families will affect the consumer market - whether it's groceries, cleaning products or lawn care, buying organic matters to the millennial consumer.

You can read the rest of our blog to learn more, or watch the webinar recording below for the story. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to access the webinar recording.

Today’s Disruptive Economy

Regardless of the industry, today’s economies are being disrupted. Consider how Tesla is disrupting the traditional auto-industry. Ten years ago, few took Tesla as a car manufacturing company seriously. Compare the views of Tesla from ten-years ago to today and you get a whole different story. In fact, Tesla’s market valuation exceeded century-old titan, General Motors in 2017 by $1Million Dollars. Earlier this year, reports stated that the Tesla Model S outsold the luxury flagships of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in Europe for the first time.

In the green industry, robots are starting to be disruptive and have the potential to displace labor. Last year, the manufacturers of Roomba announced a solar-powered, weed eating machine dubbed the “Tertill” for presale on Kickstarter. While the first or second model of the Tertill may not function 100%, in a few years it’s our firm belief that devices like the Tertill will be commonplace.

It’s important to pay attention to innovation in and outside of our industry in order to outcompete the competition.

The “Whole Foods” Customer

Additional innovation is happening in our industry when it comes to the technologies we have to create a beautiful, green, weed-free lawn. Biologicals like Holganix Bio 800+ products (Holganix Lawn, Tree & Shrub, Bloom, Agriculture and Golf) are creating disruption by offering a better way to reach results using fewer chemicals. That innovation is being disruptive because there is a need to not only be more sustainable for the environment but because the customer is demanding it.

That customer could be called the Millennial but for this presentation we are widening that demographic to include anyone who would potentially shop at a "Whole Foods"-type of grocery store. These consumers are demanding that today’s businesses use sustainable products.

According to a report by Satista, the organic product industry in the U.S. is worth 26.7 billion dollars. This translates to us in lawn care as well. The millennials are going to be our consumers and if we take a look at the trends of this group of people it is going more and more organic. 82% of U.S. households are buying organic items already and 30% of those purchasing organic do so to avoid fertilizers and pesticides. Don’t you think that diversion from fertilizers and pesticides can translate to their lawn care services as well?

5 Facts about the (2).png

Get Credit For What You Do

One way to combat the disruptive economy is through your company’s “why.”  A customer is more likely to use your product if you have a “remarkable message” on why you do what you do. If you are using Holganix products, it’s important to tell your customers and prospects that you are doing something different and get credit for the steps you are taking to meet customer demand and do good for their plants, family and the environment.

Let’s look at a few examples that are currently using the “Holganix message” of using environmentally friendly lawn care products to build a green, weed-free lawn.

UltraGreen Lawn Care

UltraGreen Lawn Care allows the “Holganix message” to do their marketing for them! In any marketing or sales piece they create, UltraGreen, ensure they include the organic, environmental message to sell their product. Because they took advantage of the Holganix message, UltraGreen grew from 0 to 7,000 customers in just four years and saw a 15-to-20% savings on material costs! 



According to PureGreen Lawn Care owner, Nathan Brandon, “over the last ten years, I have really noticed that more and more of my customers are requesting organic services.” He latched onto this trend and changed his messaging to focus on communicating how PureGreen is responsible for the environment and how their customers play an important role in that mission.

According to Rob McCoy, Holganix sales manager, “This is giving people a purpose beyond what their lawn care choice is, and this message has really helped sell the product!”

Tomlinson Bomberger: Lawn Care Landscape & Pest Control

When Tomlinson Bomberger decided to start using Holganix products they designed the “Soil Smart Lawn Care Program”. Each time they get a new customer or lead they offered the customer the ability to either choose the “Traditional” lawn care program or the “Soil Smart” lawn care program. The Soil Smart program was roughly 20% more expensive than their standard program but incorporated Holganix products and thereby offered a more environmentally friendly solution. According to Tomlinson Bomberger, the Soil Smart lawn care program is their fastest growing program yet!

Using Holganix Products and Want to Get Credit For What You Do?

We’ve created multiple marketing tools to help you better communicate why your lawn care program is better than the competition because you use Holganix. The Holganix Launch Box is our most popular tool - it contains a multitude of both print and digital marketing pieces to help you grow your business. Download your Holganix Launch Box by clicking on the button below.

Download:  Marketing Launch Box

What is Holganix?

At Holganix we want to revolutionize the way the world grows by focusing on biology as the solution to soil and plant health. We have noticed that lawn care needs a good foundation in the soil and roots to really focus on plant health and to produce a happy customer. That is why our line of products uses living biology to nurture soils and ultimately create a stronger and healthier looking lawn!

Want to learn more? Click the button below to schedule an appointment with your Holganix representative.

Speak With A Holganix Representative

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Why Soil Matters To Farmers [INFOGRAPHIC]

case study-1.png

Not only are healthy soils important to nurture healthier, more resilient plants but also healthy soils allow farmers to reach crucial environmental goals. Here are just two reasons why soils matter to farmers.

Healthy soils and healthy plants are synonymous

Soil is a living, breathing entity that is teeming with life. In fact, in a single tablespoon of soil there are more microbes present than there are people on Earth. When soil is rich and healthy, it fosters healthier, more resilient plants with deeper, more web-like root systems. That means plants are more sustainable - in other words they can sustain themselves regardless of the environmental conditions including; drought, cold, too much rain. Rich soil also acts as a reservoir to store nutrients and water so the plant can access them when needed.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about how soil nurtures plant health.

why soil matters infographic.png

Healthy soils help farmers reach environmental goals

Not only does having healthy soils help farmers improve crop health, but it can also help farmers reach environmental goals by reducing erosion risk and by reducing nutrient runoff into our waterways. Soil erosion caused by wind, water and tillage removes organic matter and nutrients from the soils, making soil less productive for growing plants. When nutrients runoff into our waterways, marine dead zones can form causing detrimental problems for marine life. Healthy soils act as reservoirs, holding key nutrients in the soil for the plant to access and minimizing runoff.

How can Holganix help?

Holganix Bio 800+ is a plant probiotic that builds soil health by replenishing the soil with microbes. In fact, a jug of Holganix Bio 800+ contains over 800 species of beneficial soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to foster soil health, develop plant root growth, increase plant resilience and improve crop yield.


Digging deeper into soil

Want to learn more about soil? Download our soil science ebook to explore:

  1. How the soil food web supports healthy plants
  2. The power behind soil microbes
  3. Soil types and how to improve the health of your soil

soil food web

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Holganix Case Studies: Gearing Up For The Lawn Care Season

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With the lawn care season just around the corner, UltraGreen Lawn Care based out of Little Rock, Arkansas and Michael Hatcher & Associates based out of Olive Branch, Mississippi are gearing and making sure that Holganix products are part of their program. Watch their videos below to learn why they consider Holganix product to be such an influential piece of their lawn care fertilization program. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to have access to the videos.

UltraGreen Lawn Care

Co-Founders Caleb Ault and Josh Bryan started UltraGreen Lawn Care in 2012 after working for a national lawn care company in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. Three years ago, they brought on Holganix products to help them achieve their agronomic goals, but they also have utilized the products as a marketing and sales tool to better communicate what makes UltraGreen unique. Watch the video below for their full story.


Michael Hatcher & Associates

Michael Hatcher & Associates is a full lawn and landscape service company based out of the Memphis, Tennessee area. They’ve been using Holganix Bio 800+ during plant and sod installations in addition to using it in their lawn fertilization program. Watch their video below to hear a snippet from Joey at Michael Hatcher & Associates.


Download Your Soil Smart Program and Begin Using Holganix Products

Interested in using Holganix products but not sure how to fit them into a lawn fertilization program? Download a copy of your region’s Soil Smart Program - a turnkey lawn fertilization program containing all the inputs needed in order to achieve a green, weed-free lawn.


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3 Tools to Make 2018 A Successful Year


Don’t wait until the spring lawn care season to think about your 2018 marketing and sales strategy. Take advantage of the preseason lull in sales to strategize and map out your plan for successful growth this upcoming year.

Utilize these three FREE marketing tools to ensure you are ready for 2018.


1. Holganix Launch In A Box

If you are looking to plan campaigns to educate prospects and customers about Holganix and soil health, look no further than the Holganix Launch In A Box. This tool contains 12 “Stealable” tools for you to incorporate into your 2017 marketing campaigns.

What are some of the tools provided? Some of our favorite tools include three articles to use in your blog and/or email newsletter, postcard designs, social media posts and website content. All materials are 100% stealable.

>>Download your Holganix Launch In A Box here


2. Webinar: Marketing to the "Whole Foods" Consumer

Organic isn't a fad - in fact, according to the Organic Trade Associate (OTA) 82% of U.S. households buy organic with millennials representing the largest group of organic buyers in America. That may not seem like a large number to you, but consider that today 25% of millennials have families and that in 10-to-15 years, that number is expected to increase to 80%. Can you consider how these new families will affect the consumer market - whether it's groceries, cleaning products or lawn care, buying organic matters to the millennial consumer.  

Register for our webinar on how to market to the "Whole Foods" Consumer and take advantage of the growing organic trend. 

>>Register for the webinar


3. Ebook: How to GROW Your Business with Tree and Shrub Services

Consider growing your business by offering tree and shrub services to current customers. Did you know that you could expect 10 to 30% of your current customers to sign up for tree and shrub applications Not to mention the fact that adding an additional revenue source to current customers means boosting profit margin. It's like new found money! 

Your current customers are your low hanging fruit. Think about it. Your customers already know and trust your brand; they also care deeply for their landscapes or they wouldn't be paying for lawn fertilization to begin with.

Download this book to learn explore: 

1. How to market your tree and shrub business to current customers

2. How to price out tree and shrub applications

3. What materials you will need to get started!

>>Download the ebook

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5 Types of Soil Microbes And What They Do For Plants


4 Tennessee Lawn Care Companies (5).png

We are all feeling the pressure to do more with less. Each state is talking about restricting fertilizer and phosphorus, and although these things are great for the environment it can also make it difficult to reach our needs when it comes to plant growth. What can we do to help both our plants and ourselves?

Read our blog article below for information about (1) how much fertilizer actually goes to the plant and (2) the role microbes play in fertilizer. If you’d rather dig deeper into this topic, skip the text and watch our webinar featuring Holganix President of Agriculture, David Stark Ph.D. If you're reading this blog via email, click here to watch the video.


How much fertilizer actually goes to the plant?

Did you know that only 40 to 60% of the fertilizer we apply actually goes to the plant, the remaining is lost to run off into our waterways, volatilization to the air or is tied up in the soil. This is why soil health is such an imperative piece of plant health. Functional soil is a soil embedded with organic matter and soil microbes that work together to hold onto nutrients in the soil and convert nutrients locked in the soil.

Beneficial soil microbes form symbiotic relationships with the plant. In fact, the plant will exert as much as 30% of its energy to the root zone to make food for microbes. In return those microbes not only protect the plant from stress, but also feed the plant by converting and holding nutrients in the soil.

What are the different types of soil microbes?

There are five different types of soil microbes: bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. Each of these microbe types has a different job to boost soil and plant health.


Bacteria is the crucial workforce of soils. They are the final stage of breaking down nutrients and releasing them to the root zone for the plant. In fact, the Food and Agriculture Organization once said “Bacteria may well be the most valuable of life forms in the soil.”


Actinomycetes were once classified as fungi, and act similarly in the soil. However, some actinomycetes are predators and will harm the plant while others living in the soil can act as antibiotics for the plant.


Like bacteria, fungi also lives in the rootzone and helps make nutrients available to plants. For example, Mycorrhizae is a fungi that facilitate water and nutrient uptake by the roots and plants to provide sugars, amino acids and other nutrients.


Protozoa are larger microbes that love to consume and be surrounded by bacteria. In fact, nutrients that are eaten by bacteria are released when protozoa in turn eat the bacteria.


Nematodes are microscopic worms that live around or inside the plant. Some nematodes are predators while others are beneficial, eating pathogenic nematodes and secreting nutrients to the plant.

Want to keep digging into soil science?

Within the natural world there exists a complex balance among soil microbes known as the soil food web. Plants, animals and microbes are all instruments in an orchestra; each plays a crucial part in the natural symphony of life. If even one of the players is out of tune, the whole soil food web suffers. However, when everything is in order, the results are beautiful.

Download our Digging into Soil Science ebook to explore:

1. How the soil food web supports healthy plants
2. The power behind soil microbes
3. Soil types and how to improve the health of your soil

soil food web 

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Update: Holganix Agriculture Trial Results

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This blog contains an update on university and commercial trial results on several crops from 2017.  


What is Holganix Agriculture? A Bio 800+ product

Holganix Agriculture promotes strong, extensive root systems, resulting in plants that are better able to find and use nutrients, minerals and water in your soil. By nurturing healthy plants, Holganix Agriculture helps maximize yield potential while ensuring your crop is better prepared to fight off and recover from seasonal stress.

Holganix Agriculture is an organic plant probiotic that provides over 800 species of beneficial soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to grow healthy, resilient crops. In fact, Holganix Agriculture contains the most complete and diverse blend of beneficial microbes available on the market!

Why use Holganix-587110-edited.jpg

Over the past three years we have been compiling data on several different crops in different geographic zones to deepen our understanding of how Holganix Agriculture can help farmers achieve higher yields. Below is a sample from our 2017 collection.

For a more in depth understanding, watch our video featuring an explanation by Holganix President of Agriculture David Stark P.h.D.. If you're reading this blog via email, click here for access to the video.


Higher weight per acre on potatoes

Idaho-based potato growers added Holganix Agriculture with their standard fertilizer rate and saw a 10 - 16% higher weight per acre allowing them to earn an extra $330 to $440 per acre.

Washington State University tested Holganix Agriculture with 20% less fertilizer and achieved a higher marketable yield than those potatoes just using the standard fertilizer rate. The higher marketable yield and decreased fertilizer use translates to an additional $200 per acre if the study were conducted at a commercial farm.


Increased corn yields

An Illinois researcher tested Holganix Agriculture in three different ways on his corn fields. It’s important to note that before even applying Holganix Agriculture, his soil was extremely healthy because the field had previously been planted with soybeans - a crop that puts nitrogen back into the soil.

1. For the first test, the farmer used no fertilizer, and by only applying Holganix Agriculture he produced 224 bushels per acre against the national average of 169 bushels.

2. For the second test, he reduced his standard rate of fertilizer by 20% and reached 236 bushels per acre with Holganix Agriculture.

3. On the third test, he applied his typical fertilizer rate with Holganix Agriculture and reached 247 bushels in yield.

Studies conducted at a research farm in Missouri showed a 14.8% increased yield on corn treated with Holganix Agriculture. According to the researchers, they saw a 163.1 bushel per acre yield on corn treated with 1 gallon of Holganix Agriculture infurrowin furrow at planting compared to the control which saw a 142 bushel per acre yield.

$3,000 per acre yield increase on strawberries

In Ventura county, California, a researcher used Holganix Agriculture on a commercial field through their drip irrigation system, applying once per month. He achieved a $3,000 per acre higher yield in the strawberries and was able to harvest earlier than other growers.

Less fertilizer needed with hot peppers

According to Florida-based Datil Pepper grower, Eddie Lambert, “My only problem is that I didn’t use Holganix on my whole farm because it’s the best crop I have had yet.” Eddie applied Holganix Agriculture through a drip irrigation system, making applications every other week with 50% less fertilizer.


Higher payable yield on cucumbers

A cucumber farmer in Northern Kentucky used Holganix Agriculture on a portion of his crop, leaving the remaining crop the control. The rows treated with Holganix Agriculture had more, large cucumbers than the control. He was also able to harvest the Holganix treated crop a week earlier when prices were higher.

Curbing nematode pressure

While research is still ongoing, preliminary results conducted in a lab setting by Dr. Lambert at the University of Illinois are promising for nematode control using an unnamed Holganix technology. After the first year of studying the product, the team saw a 75% reduction in pathogenic nematodes in the lab and an 80% reduction in the field. 

“It’s complex,” explains Dr. Lambert of the Holganix technology. “There’s a lot of things going on in the jug and it is difficult to state with certainty why the Holganix technology is producing results.” However, Dr. Lambert does have three theories.

1. Affecting migration to the roots - Holganix technology appears to confuse or incapacitates the nematode so it can’t migrate to the plant and cause harm.

2. Inhibiting eggs from hatching - Holganix technology may be inhibiting soybean cyst nematode eggs from hatching.

3. Targeting pathogenic nematodes - Microbes in Holganix technology may be attacking pathogenic nematodes.

“We are taking a two-pronged approach to studying the Holganix technology,” explains Dr. Lambert. “In 2016, we studied Holganix technology in a lab. This year, we are continuing lab testing but we are also studying it in the field.”

>>For additional information on our nematode research, visit this blog.

Increased brix index

Several farmers have also reported a higher brix (a measurement of flavor) on fruits and vegetables treated with Holganix Agriculture. Academic research also shows that brix can lead to reduced insect pressure on plants although we have not yet conducted supporting Holganix Agriculture research on insect pressure to date.

See below for a chart demonstrating the increased brix on crops treated with Holganix Agriculture as compared to their controls.  


Try Holganix Agriculture risk free

Want results similar to those discussed above? Take advantage of our limited time offer Holganix Trial Program! Not only will you receive a 30% off discount,but your trial is also satisfaction guaranteed and if you aren’t satisfied with your ROI, we’ll credit your invoice* To take advantage of our offer, you must use an approved Holganix program. For program details click the button below to placed in contact with a Holganix team member.

Sign up for our Risk Free Trial

*You must use an approved Holganix program to be applicable for the Holganix Trial Program offer and be applying Holganix Agriculture on a minimum of 10 acres. This promotion may not be combined with other offers.

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Growing Your Business? You're Invited to the BFS Bootcamp

4 Tennessee Lawn Care Companies (2).png

Today's blog written by Holganix CEO and Founder, Barrett Ersek.

It was April 2000 - the busiest time in the lawn care season for the Philadelphia area and I was sitting in a classroom instead of running my then $1 million dollar lawn care business. After building the business for the last 10 years, I had reached a point where I felt both stuck and frustrated with the business. In my eyes, I had reached a plateau in our growth potential due to the high cost per sale needed to acquire a customer. I knew that to solve the problem, I needed to learn to work on my business as opposed to working in the business. That is why I decided to attend a program called Birthing of Giants which is a three-day retreat for 40 entrepreneurs to build their business acumen.

Birthing of Giants not only led to the inspiration behind my solution for our high cost per sale - using satellite software to measure properties, a practice not done by our industry at the time - but it also allowed me to build the business practices and mindset I needed to build my second lawn care company - HappyLawn - to reach $11 million dollars in 5 years.

At the end of the day, owning and running a business - even when successful - can be a painful endeavor. It often takes stepping outside of your business and attending a program like Birthing of Giants, to gain the perspective needed to leverage your business for your next leap of growth.

That is why we have teamed up with Business Finishing School (BFS) - one of the world’s leading business-growth, education companies, to provide a Birthing of Giants-like experience for our Holganix Community. On February 23, BFS is hosting a 3-day bootcamp in Dallas, Texas for entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses.

And, because I believe in this program and the power it can provide to Holganix Community lawn care company owners, I’m helping any Holganix user cover the cost of the event. In fact, Holganix will be covering $200 of your ticket price, using the code “Holganix” at registration.

Why attend the BFS Bootcamp?

There are many reasons why you should attend the BFS Bootcamp, here are my top three reasons.

1. Learn to work on your business as opposed to working in your business. Develop the business acumen needed to take your business to the next level.

2. Hear from several world-class speakers including myself - Barrett Ersek.

3. Network with other entrepreneurs including other Holganix community lawn care company owners.

Register to save your spot

I only have 30 spots set aside for Holganix lawn care company owners and we are inviting Holganix blog readers first, register to save your spot. Remember, I’m helping any Holganix user cover the cost of the event. Just use the promo code “Holganix” when registering to receive $200 off your ticket cost.

Register for the Bootcamp

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3 Crazy TED Talks for Plant Geeks

4 Tennessee Lawn Care Companies (1).png

The truth is, those of us at Holganix are complete geeks when it comes to soil and plants. It’s one of the reason why we love to share new TED Talks with our blog readers that demonstrate a new technology or perspective on soil and plants.

Below are three selected plant-related TED Talks that contain crazy, unique ideas that will make Holganix products almost seem ordinary.  


Two notes for the reader:

1. If you are reading this blog via email, the videos will not operate. Click the link to each video to watch the TED Talk.

2. If you liked these TED Talks, consider checking out: Top 5 Soil Science TED Talks and Top 5 TED Talks for LAWNtrepreneurs.


How to grow a forest in your backyard

Eco-Entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma demonstrates how his company grows dense, bio diverse, 100-year-old forest in just 10 years. According to Sharma, it starts with the soil. His team mixes the perfect amount of soil with local biomass, then he harnesses the power of soil microbes to produce nutrients for plants.

For a direct link to Sharma’s TED Talk, click here.

Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate

Neuroscientist Greg Gage takes equipment used to study the brain and attaches is to the Mimosa Publica (a plant whose leaves close when touched) and the Venus Flytrap. His goal? To demonstrate how plants use electrical signals to convert information, move and even count.

Watch Gage’s TED Talk for his demonstration and explanation on how plants count and communicate, click here.

One seed at a time, protecting the future of food

Diversity within crops is a genetic resource that is crucial to the future of agriculture, and that diversity is crumbling. For example, in the 1800’s U.S. farmers and gardeners were growing 7,100 varieties of apples and today just 300 exist.

Biologist Cary Fowler banned together with the world’s scientists, organizations and governments to preserve samples of seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Bank located in Norway. At the time of the TED Talk, their seed bank held 425,000 unique crop varieties.

Watch Fowler’s video to learn more about why diversity is crucial to agriculture and how they are protecting the world’s crop varieties, click here


Want to keep digging into plant science? 

Download our Digging into Soil Science ebook to explore:

1. How the soil food web supports healthy plants

2. The power behind soil microbes

3. Soil types and how to improve the health of your soil

soil food web

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What is Your Team's Catalyzing Statement?


When John F. Kennedy became the U.S. President in 1961, he inherited a purpose - to beat the Soviets in the space race. At the time, Soviet’s Sputnik had beat U.S. satellite Explorer to space by a full year and the American people were eager to win the space race. However, JFK knew it wasn’t enough to simply have a purpose, he needed to make a statement so powerful it would inspire massive action. And so, on May 25, 1961, JFK stated (we are paraphrasing), “we will send a man to the moon and bring him home safely by the end of the 60’s.” To watch JFK's speech, click here.

JFK had created what entrepreneur, Rick Sapio identifies as a catalyzing statement - a meme that is willfully created to connect with your stakeholders so they help you achieve your desired outcome. Catalyzing statements are agents of change and they spread virally.

For example, Bill Gates' catalyzing statement was that he saw a computer on every desktop in America and the U.S. Founder Fathers created the catalyzing statement that all men are created equally.

Creating a catalyzing statement for your business or team will inspire your team and community to take action in your desired direction. What is your business' or team’s catalyzing statement?

Watch Rick’s TEDx Talk on Catalyzing Statements

If you are reading this blog via email, click here to watch Rick's TEDx Talk 


Attend Rick’s Bootcamp To Learn More

Holganix has teamed up with Rick Sapio’s Business Finishing School - one of the world’s leading business-growth, education companies, to provide education for entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses. On February 23, BFS is hosting a 3-day bootcamp in Dallas, Texas and because we believe in Rick’s program and the power it can provide to Holganix Community lawn care company owners, we are helping any Holganix user cover the cost of the event. In fact, Holganix will be covering $200 of your ticket price, using the code “Holganix” at registration.

Register for the Bootcamp

The Story of BFS

In the 41 years since he started his first business, Rick has learned that business growth and success are accelerated when a few key principles are applied. When Rick realized that less than 1% of companies implement these skills, he decided to create Business Finishing School (“BFS”). The BFS Program is designed to teach "The 12 Foundational Principles of Business,” which form the foundation of the program. He believes that virtually any individual or company can be put on the path to prosperity and exponential growth by learning to implement the BFS Program in their business or personal life.

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Fewer inputs and larger turf roots at Red Diamond Inc [VIDEO CASE STUDY]

Interview with.png

We sat down to interview Brandon Haley, Grounds Manager for Red Diamond, inc to understand how Holganix products has allowed him to build healthier roots which has led to reduced inputs and increased turf performance. Specifically, this conversation details his use of Holganix Bio 800+ - a plant probiotic that delivers increase plant resilience while relying on fewer chemicals and other inputs.

Either watch the video interview or read the notes at your leisure. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to access the video.


How has Holganix Bio 800+ helped cut down on water and irrigation usage?

Irrigation usage has been a focus at Red Diamond and Haley states that “we have cut back total gallons of water used for irrigation by over 75% in the last three years, and Holganix Bio 800+ has been a huge part of that.” Holganix Bio 800+ can help cut back on water and irrigation usage because it helps create stronger and deeper roots, this has allowed Red Diamond to go extra days without having to water. “Right now we are on a 5 day cycle for irrigation and the results have been amazing!”


At Red Diamond, what types of soil do you have?

“Our soils are heavy clay that need aerification to even put a shovel in the ground. But we have been able to get roots into that 8-10 inch zone despite the tough conditions!”

Haley even states that the course has one section where they got roots as far as 12 to 13 inches in the clay soils!


How did Holganix Bio 800+ help with your soil?

“This year we did a landscape renovation at my house and put down all Bermuda grass.  Like anyone else I did not want a huge water bill so I put down Holganix Bio 800+ after the sod was put down.”  He says that after only four days he could not rip the sod up- it had already rooted! “I could not have asked for anything better!” Haley stated.


What were your initial thoughts on the refrigeration of Holganix Bio 800+ ?

“It initially scared me.”  However, Haley states that now that he has the refrigeration unit installed he loves the accessibility and quality of the product.

“I have much more belief in a product that has been refrigerated than one that has been sitting in a warehouse.”


Now that you have used Holganix Bio 800+, will you ever plant without it?

“Any plant that goes in the ground is getting Holganix” Haley explains that they have tried many other methods and products but Holganix Bio 800+ has shown great results all around!

“My name is Brandon Haley and I believe in Holganix”


Article written by Leah O'Neill

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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