Healthy Grow + Holganix: Green Turf and Deep Roots

Healthy Grow & Holganix

Are you suffering from a lack of plant resilience, loss of plants, a need for a 'perfect' landscape and/or a need to go organic?

If so, then check out the below webinar recording featuring Holganix sales representative, Rob McCoy and Healthy Grow representative, Jeff Leuzinger. Together they walk their listeners through the benefits and science behind our organic fertilizer, Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix. If reading this blog via email, click here to access the recording.


Why use Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix?

Jeff states that “the aerobically composted chick manure is the base of Healthy Grow, then we add other materials and nutrients to create a well-rounded product. Holganix Bio 800+ is then added just before bagging and this (Holganix Bio 800+) is what we refer to as the icing on the cake!”

When you combine Healthy Grow and Holganix Bio 800+ you are able to create a little piece of “magic” that will increase tolerance of stress from weather, disease and insects, create more vigorous root growth, improve water retention, use up to 75% less fertilizers and pesticides, and add a pop of color!

For additional information on the manufacturing process, visit our blog: How is Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix Manufactured?

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What is the Difference Between Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix and a Synthetic/ Chemical Fertilizer?

With organic products like Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix, you are dealing with something that is living and is a sustainable source of nutrition. On the other hand, with synthetic fertilizers you are putting the nutrients on the surface and hoping that they get to the roots in an amount and form that the plant can actually use. Additionally, with synthetics many of the nutrients can be lost due to temperature or time of the year. However, when using Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix the nutrients are staying in the soil and releasing when Mother Nature is allowing them to, based on the moisture and the temperature.


What Types of Products Does Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix Offer?

There are several different analyses that have been tweaked to provide different results for different needs! Available analyses include:

2-4-3 + Holganix: Perfect for All Purpose

5-2-3 + Holganix: Great for Higher Nitrogen & is 100% Organic

7-9-5 + Holganix: High Performance Starter Fertilizer

10-3-2 + Holganix: The Right Ingredients for the Right Price

Visit our webpage to pour deeper into the subject: /probiotic-fertilizer


Where Can You Use Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix?

You can use Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix anywhere! Here are a few areas where these products flourish and which specific type of analysis you should use:

Turf – Use 10-3-2

Aerification – Use 7-9-5 or 2-4-3

Landscape beds – Use 10-3-2 or 2-4-3

Sod, seedbeds, sprigging Use 7-9-5 or 2-4-3

Divot mix – Use 2-4-3 & 80:20 sand mix

Potting mix – ALL are GREAT

So put an end to your lawn care and landscape problems, and get the vigorous roots and increased tolerance you want and need with Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix!

Article by Leah O'Neill


Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Nov 2, 2017 3:19:07 PM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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