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Holganix Case Study: Improved Turf Recovery & Rooting at The Padres

Before becoming the National Sports Turf Specialist for Ewing, Luke spent 12 years as the Director of Field Operations at the San Diego Padres. “It was a high intensity job, but I really loved being on the turf every day and experimenting with new products and new practices.”

During his last two years at the Padres, Luke started using Holganix Bio 800+ Golf.

“At first I was skeptical of Holganix Bio 800+,” explains Luke, but when he saw the chief ingredient was a compost tea, he knew he needed to experiment with the product.

Prior to using Holganix Bio 800+, Luke had utilized a home-brewed compost tea with a worm-casting base. While he liked the results from his home-brewed tea, brewing the product was cumbersome and the two-day shelf life made applying the product a challenge.


Results at the Padres


Luke’s first application of Bio 800+ Golf was the hyper inoculation rate of 14 ounces per 1,000 square feet. Following the first application, Luke applied Bio 800+ every two weeks at 7 ounces per 1,000 square feet.

According to Luke, his three key results were:

1. Rooting  “Our roots were eight inches long by May after sodding in March. Typically, we would have four-to-five inch roots at that time,” says Luke. “We also saw more white root hairs and the roots were denser.”

2. Reduced Fertilizer Use – Because Holganix Bio 800+ increases fertilizer efficiency, Luke reduced his nitrogen by 25-to-30 percent.

3. Turf Recovery – “We had 100 events per year and I would typically sod normal wear areas three times per year. But, with Holganix Bio 800+ the turf held up better and I only had to re-sod one-to-two times per year.”


Results at Home

“I’m constantly experimenting at my home to fine tune the use of products,” explains Luke. He specifically sites one test with Bio 800+ Bloom on potted violas. In both pots, he used Fox Farm potting soil, 8-8-8 fertilizer and watered. However, in the Holganix pot, he also incorporated the use of Bio 800+ Bloom. “The pot wound up overflowing and lasting me a good six months.”


Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.16.07 AM.png


What’s in the jug?

The ingredients list is Luke’s favorite Holganix piece because it accurately paints a picture of what’s in the Bio 800+ product line and how those ingredients can cater to plant and soil health. Download your copy of the Holganix Bio 800+ ingredient list below.

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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The Wilmington Blue Rocks Goes Green!

There probably isn’t anything more American than American baseball. For many of us, warm evenings, hot dogs, and a local baseball game is an integral part of summer. For those of us at Holganix, our local team of choice is The Blue Rocks – a minor league team and Holganix user based in Wilmington, Delaware that is only a twenty-minute drive from headquarters.  

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 4.45.12 PM.png

According to Steve Gold, Grounds Manager for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, “When I use a lot of chemicals on the turf. I make the turf fat and dumb. That’s one of the reasons why I was so attracted to Holganix Bio 800+. Less synthetics? Sign me up!”

Gold is on the super inoculation Holganix program, utilizing large amounts of Holganix Bio 800+ in combination with three pounds of nitrogen annually. Before Holganix Bio 800+, Gold still used a lean nitrogen program but Holganix Bio 800has allowed him to take the next step. At the end of the day, it was the reduction in fungicides that really got Gold excited. “I hate fungicides,” states Gold passionately. “It’s the dark side of the turf industry.”

Even with Holganix Bio 800+, “We still have some disease issues that pop up now and then,” admits Gold. “The really great part is that we’ve cut back our fungicide applications from 15 per year to 2 to 3 depending on weather conditions. To me, seeing such a huge decrease in fungicide use means results.”

Like many in the industry, Gold has grown up on turf. “My mother worked at the spring training complex in Florida,” says Gold. “At age 15 I got a job cutting grass in the neighborhood. At that time nothing seemed cooler than being able to work the spring training complex.” Gold worked the training complex until he graduated high school. After several other turf field positions, Gold received an offer with the Blue Rocks. Twenty years later, Gold is still happily caring for the Blue Rocks field. “It “grew” on me,” he said of the field.

Just like the field, Holganix Bio 800grew on Gold too. He first started testing the Holganix program in early 2012. By 2013, after seeing great results, Gold decided to jump on board. “Turf Root depth is what I notice the most,” says Gold who reports seeing 6 to 8 inch roots throughout the year. “Just the other day, we replaced the irrigation head. When we removed sections of the turf to replace the irrigation, it is like picking up a bowling ball because of all the roots.” All in all, Gold says he has longer roots than ever before.

"The cool thing about Holganix Bio 800+", says Gold "is that it really is healthy for the plant". At the end of the day, “The turf plant and the human body are pretty similar,” says Gold. For a human, eating too much carbs or bad fats can be damaging to your health. For turf, synthetics act the same way. “My goal is to nurture a healthy plant not create a fat one.” Holganix Bio 800+ allows Gold to utilize drastically less nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides while promoting plant health. 

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Manada Golf Club sees improved rooting and less disease

“Across the board, the color, thickness and depth of my roots were better when applying Holganix Golf. It gave my turf roots a more developed, web like root system.” Says Barry Ehrhart superintendent of Manada Golf Club in Harrisburg, PA.

In January 2014, Ehrhart and the general manager of the Manada were on a quest to discover a more environmentally sound and sustainable solution for the course. They felt that by incorporating organic golf products into the course’s program, they could advertise to golfers that their course was truly “Green”.

At a winter seminar at Genesis Turfgrass, Ehrhart discovered Holganix Golf. He was instantly intrigued by the sustainable element, but was sold on the idea that by developing healthier plants, they’d be able to use fewer pesticides.

When Ehrhart started utilizing Holgnaix, he developed specific case studies to examine the results Holganix Golf would have on his turf. “I applied Holganix Golf in the worst area of my golf course,” admits Ehrhart. One of those locations was along a golf green that came up to a wooded area on the course. “It was an area with high disease pressure and the roots were maybe a half an inch.”

After three applications of Holganix Golf (totaling 35 ounces per 1,000 square feet), Ehrhart examined the turf. Right away he could see that his disease suppression had significantly improved when using Holganix Golf in conjunction with fungicides.

When he pulled a core sample to look at the roots, he was similarly blow away. “I had 5 inch roots!”


In the second case study Ehrhart examined Holanix’s affect on his worst performing tees. “We did a core sample before applying Holganix and there were no roots what-so-ever.” Ehrhart then divided his tee into 3 sections: the first featured his Holganix Golf (with synthetic inputs), the center acted as a control with his normal fertility program and the third section featured Holganix granular.

“Holganix Golf was the clear winner in terms of performance. The roots on that tee were .5 - .75 inches in length. That’s a big success for me.” Ehrhart also says it helped with disease suppression.




“Ehrhart has used plenty of other high end, expensive products on his hard hit areas,” says Paul Wickey, Barry’s sales representative from Genesis Turfgrass. “But Holganix did make a big impact. That’s just a testament for Holganix and how well it works on the golf course.

Over all, playability has increased at Manada due to Holganix Golf. “This is especially true in my traditionally, worse performing areas”, says Ehrhart.

He’s also excited to say that he’s achieved his goal of making his course more sustainable. To date, he’s been able to reduce pesticide use by 25% - 30%. 

“Ultimately,” says Ehrhart, “with Holganix, I’ve accomplished exactly what I set out to do: provide a more sustainable golf course for golfers and boost plant health in remarkable ways.”

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Benerget Greenhouses: Vivacious Poinsettias with 30% Less Fungicides

“We’ve tried some similar products to Holganix Bloom, but they’ve never really responded or stayed in the market long,” explains Denny Benerget, owner of Benerget Greenhouses.

“When it comes to snake oil, I’ve seen it all!” With 40 years in the business, and a family ancestry spanning five generations of growers (stretching back to Germany – before the family came to the States), it’s safe to say that Denny truly has seen it all. “Unlike those snake oil products, Holganix Bloom really does work!” 


Left plant treated with Holganix Bloom, right treated with Denny's usual program

Benerget Greenhouses features 60,000 square feet of greenhouse space used to grow flowers. Denny typically sells plants wholesale and retail with a focus on delivering to organizations like churches.

“We deliver products that no one else has or better than anyone else. We also strive on service and deliver plants when the customer wants it and where. That’s part of what makes Benerget so special.”


Reducing nitrogen fertilizers by 10 - 15%

Denny has been using Holganix Bloom as a compliment to his fertilizer program on poinsettias.

“Bloom makes the fertilizer work better,” explains Denny. “That’s why we can use less of it.” So far, Denny has decreased nitrogen fertilizers by 10-15%.

Now that he feels comfortable with the product, he plans to further explore nitrogen reductions.


Left plant treated with Denny's usual program, right treated with Holganix Bloom. Please note that the ruler is propped up against the plant and that the reading is skewed.


Reducing fungicides by 30%

“One of the big things we’ve noticed is that we’ve used less fungicides with Bloom. In fact, we’ve used less fungicides than ever before.” So far, Denny has cut fungicides by 30%. Keep in mind, that poinsettias require heavy doses of preventative fungicides because of their tricky growing season which features shortened growing days in the fall and winter.

Part of the reason why Denny can use fewer fungicides is due to root development. “We monitored root development heavily,” explains Denny. Poinsettias are prone to root disease, especially early in the plant’s development.


Improving the developmental state of the plant

At the end of the day, Holganix Bloom has improved the developmental state of the plant. That means the plant both matures earlier and stays in peak conditions longer.

It’s crucial for poinsettias to be as developed as possible before the Holiday season. Because the plant is matured,

Holganix places me in a better position to sell something lush.” 

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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UltraGreen: Less disease pressure, healthier lawns and growing their business

When Caleb Ault and Josh Bryan, owners of UltraGreen, first heard about Holganix, they were standoffish. Holganix sounded expensive and they were already incorporating some organic solutions in their lawn fertilization program; why look at other products?

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.55.12 AM.pngUltimately, the thing that swayed Caleb and Josh was that the Holganix team “clearly cared about my business and took an interest in helping to grow my business,” states Caleb.

Caleb and Josh started UltraGreen in 2012. “We started with a pick-up truck, a spreader and a 4-gallon backpack sprayer,” explains Caleb.

Since founding UltraGreen, the two entrepreneurs quickly grew the business and it now operates in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida. Growing their business is important to them, and for Caleb and Josh, Holganix is a tool to help them meet that goal.

After using Holganix for nearly 1 year, Caleb and Josh report that Holganix has helped them increase their lawn care results, save money, and grow their business!


What are three of the key results Caleb and Josh report when using Holganix?

  1. Less disease pressure: “We’ve seen about 50% less disease pressure than in previous years when using Holganix alongside reduced amounts of fungicides,” reports Caleb. Specifically, UltraGreen clients have seen less large patch disease – a common plague in their region.

  2. Greener, healthier lawns: Caleb and Josh have heard reports that their lawns have stayed greener longer. The turf also appears thicker.

  3. It’s all about the money: According to Josh, “We’ve seen a 15-20% savings in material cost.” UltraGreen has also experienced less callbacks because of an overall increase in turf health.


Want to learn more about UltraGreen and their Holganix experience?

Watch the interview below to hear Caleb and Josh discuss:

  1. Results seen with Holganix

  2. How Holganix has helped them grow their business

  3. Marketing and sales strategies they have used to grow their business


What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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The Proof is in the Green - By Brian Smyth, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply

We are extremely grateful to Brian Smyth, Branch Manager from Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply for writing the below story featuring a Holganix success story in Oklahoma.


The Proof is in the Green

By Brian Smyth

Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply Branch Manager

Norman, OK


I had a customer come to me a couple of months ago with a dilemma. They were installing a sprinkler system at a car dealership and the opening day was quickly approaching and they had an area of sod right up next to the show room windows where they plan to park cars that are to be on display. They decided to use sub surface drip to irrigate the grass so as to not spray the windows or cars but were concerned how the grass was going to grow and be healthy on a compacted sand base.

I suggested Holganix Lawn.

There were two areas of sod laid, by the showroom and the opposite end of the parking lot. They used Holganix on the area by the showroom, but did not use Holganix on the other.

As you can see in the pictures, it is obvious which area had a Holganix application and which one did not.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 10.34.05 AM.png  Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 10.34.17 AM.png

The sod was laid about a month ago with Holganix applied 2 weeks later and the pictures taken 2 weeks after that. We could not pull back the sod where Holganix was applied as the roots were already established, but we could pull it up in the other area. The customer could not be happier. 

Based on this success, he is looking at using Holganix Lawn in their holding nursery at their shop.

I told this story to another customer that was installing irrigation and landscaping on a new hotel and he plans on using Holganix Lawn on the newly laid sod as well.

I have follow-up meetings with both customers and our Holganix rep Shane Dougherty next month to discuss these 2 jobs, their successes and possibly adding Holganix to both of their spraying programs.


What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Does Holganix REALLY Boost Aeration and Overseeding Results?

Holganix Bio 800+ enhances the effects of aeration and overseeding. Ingredients in Holganix Bio 800+ increase seed germination and nurture seedling growth. Holganix Bio 800+ also fosters healthy root growth and breaks down compaction within the soil.

But, does Holganix Bio 800+ REALLY boost aeration and overseeding results?

Don’t ask us. Ask our customers! Across the country, Holganix customers are seeing excellent results with Holganix Bio 800+ during aeration and overseeding.


Andrew Young, Woodbine Bend Golf Course

Stockton, Illinois


“The healing time after aerifying has decreased since using Holganix Bio 800+,” claims Andrew Young, superintendent at Woodbine Bend Golf Course. Typically, it would take the course two weeks to heal but with Holganix, Andrew reduced recovery time by one week!

“And my roots? They are just crazy!” says Andrew. “You can’t even see soil; all you see are white, healthy roots.”

>>Read Andrew’s full story


Terry Schafer, Terry’s Lawn Service

Morristown, Indiana


“We were really excited by the quality of the turf,” says Tom Fox, Terry Schafer’s distributor representative from Advanced Turf Solutions. Terry is the owner of Terry’s Lawn Service from Morristown, Indiana.

>>Read Terry’s full story


Sam Whitehouse, Whitehouse Landscaping

Boyertown, Pennsylvania


Sam Whitehouse, co-owner of Whitehouse Landscaping, decided to compare Holganix Bio 800+’s results on seed germination with other starter fertilizer products.

Can you guess which pot was treated with Holganix Bio 800+?

>>Read Sam’s Full Story


Dan Thomas, Ed Smith Stadium

Sarasota, Florida


“We typically overseed between Thanksgiving and Christmas,” explains Dan Thomas, Groundskeeper at Ed Smith Stadium, spring training field for the Baltimore Orioles.

Normally, Dan does an initial round of seed followed by a second or third round to ensure the turf grows in dense. Since using Holganix Bio 800+, “I only go out one round and then do a touch up in certain areas. I’m not adding more seed, just getting more out of the seed I put down.”

According to Dan, because of his results with seeding, he is going to lower his seed budget, saving money.

>>Read Dan’s full story


What are our customers saying on social media?

Aside from our case studies, Holganix customers are talking about aeration and seeding results online. Here’s what two Holganix Bio 800+ customers had to say about the product on Instagram.



What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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How did Terry's Lawn Service get wicked fast seed germination?

“We should get a speeding ticket because we germinate seed so fast,” exclaimes a Holganix sales representative as he proudly showed off his collection of pictures (see below) sent to him by Terry’s Lawn Service.

When looking at the pictures, it’s easy to see why someone from the Holganix community would get excited about seed germination when teamed up with Holganix products.

Terry Shafer of Terry’s Lawn Service located in Morristown, Indiana put Holganix to the test on his own backyard.

This past fall, Shafer completely renovated his 1.5 acre yard. He reseeded his turf with 90% TTTF and 10% Blue seed. Seven days after seeding, Shafter applied Holganix liquid at a rate of 10 ounces per 1,000 square feet. Twelve days later, the turf was progressing steadily and had filled in nicely.

All in all, Shafer has been excited about using Holganix. According to Shafer, “I put [Holganix] into my program this spring on a majority of my lawns and have been very impressed and happy with the results I have seen thus far.”

Twelve days after seeding:

Seed germinationseed germination

Twenty-two days after seeding:

seed germinationseed germination

Why did Terry see amazing seed germination with Holganix?

Holganix is filled with ingredients specifically designed to promote healthy turf growth and give your lawn a head start.

For example, Mycorrhizae, a fungus found within Holganix, helps deliver nutrients and moisture to the plant and helps builds a dense, fibrous root system. Other ingredients, including humic and fulvic acids and Kelp extract, enhance and promote seed germination.

Both Holganix liquid and Holganix granular products help deliver superb results when fostering plant health.

What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Increasing Brix Index and Reducing Disease at Star Dairy

organic agriculture

“I don’t sell something unless I’m sure it’s going to work,” explains Gilson Martin, owner of Star Dairy, a Holganix distributor to farmers in Pennsylvania. “We started testing Holganix in 2011. We liked what we saw and the rest is history.”

Star Dairy has been selling dairy nutrition, soil fertility products and consulting to predominantly Amish farmers since 1994. Holganix has been his first compost-type or bionutritional product he’s carried because traditional compost and compost teas haven’t been economical on a large scale.

“I’ve always been interested in biological products,” says Gilson when we asked why he decided to give Holganix a shot.

“I liked the variety of organisms that was in Holganix and thought it worth trying out. Any time I can do something other than use a chemical, I’m happy.”

Over all, Gilson’s clients on Holganix programs have seen an increase in plant vigor, yield, brix index and a reduction in disease.


Increasing the Brix Index

After using Holganix for one year, Gilson’s clients have seen an 82% average increase in brix index (in % sucrose) in peas, sweet corn, raspberries, strawberries, tomato, watermelon and alfalfa.

Typically, the higher the brix, “the more minerals in the plant and the better the flavor,” explains Gilson. “Also, a higher brix plant should be more disease and insect resistant.” 


Less Disease

Speaking of disease, Gilson reports that, Holganix has been helping build resilient plants which means his customers have been seeing much less disease. “A lot of my growers are organic so there is a limit to what they can use to curb pathogens. Organic farmers will still have some disease with Holganix, but it’s drastically reduced and they can harvest as good a crop as clients using chemical fungicides.”


"[My customers] don't want to grow tomatoes without Holganix!"

Last spring, Dr. Neidermyer, Director of Plant and Soil Science at Holganix, reached out to Gilson to create a Holganix test on tomatoes.

“I discussed the idea with my farmers that grew tomatoes but no one was interested in doing a test that involved a control! That’s because they knew that without Holganix, the control tomatoes were going to be of lesser yield and brix as well as see an increase in disease. They don’t want to grow tomatoes without Holganix!”

Gilson explains that with Holganix, “I’ve seen results in six months. You won’t see instant results but you are going to grow better, healthier crops!” 


What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list! 

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Going Organic? Meet Incredible Edible Community Gardens


“Our favorite part about Holganix is that it allows us to go organic or drastically reduce our synthetic inputs like fertilizer and pesticides,” says Mary E. Petit, Incredible Edible Community Garden’s (IECG) passionate Founder and Co-Executive Director.

At IECG, “Our mission is to enrich our community by providing plots in a central gathering place for members to plant vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, and enjoy the fruits of our labor,” explains Mary.

Since it was founded in 2009, IECG has grown to foster “green” programs, environmental awareness, healthy organic living, and strengthen neighborhoods throughout San Bernardino County, California with community gardens and agroforestry projects that engage stakeholders from the bottom up.

IECG has created 10 community gardens, three community fruit orchards in public parks and two aquaponics gardens. They also have an urban fruit tree distribution and planting program, distributing over 400 trees in California, an urban Agroforestry program and the world’s largest non-profit tree nursery.


Why Holganix?

“We started using Holganix Tree and Shrub and Holganix Blue Sky in February with our tree nursery program,” explains Mary. IECG was on a search for a good organic product to help nurture tree growth when a representative from Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply (a Holganix Distributor) pointed out Holganix.

Mary had 10,000 assorted varieties of trees in the nursery destined to be planted along streets and in parks within Southern California. The nursery is located on an older property and shares the space with two very old Hong kong Orchid trees (Bauhinia purpurea).

Early this spring, Pedro Bassero, the nursery manager, treated all of the potted trees in the nursery and also sprayed the two Hong Kong Orchid trees with Holganix Tree and Shrub and Holganix Blue Sky

“When I spoke with Pedro, he was excited,” explains Jim Russell, Holganix Territory Sales Representative for South California. “After using Holganix, he had never seen the trees flower so much.”

In addition to the tree nursery garden, IECG uses Holganix when planting trees in new parks and on the streets.

“IECG would definitely recommend Holganix to other growers,” states Mary.


Join the movement!

If you are a San Bernadino County resident or business that wants to get involved with Incredible Edible Community Gardens, you can check out their volunteering opportunities or donations (resources or monetary) here.


Start a community garden or park – Green Spaces Matter!

If you aren’t located in San Bernadino County, consider getting involved with your local community to design your own community garden or public park.

Not only will you become more involved in the community and form close relations with stakeholders, but also green spaces like community gardens and public parks are huge benefits to the environment and our personal lifestyles.

According to our friends at Project EverGreen, a nonprofit focused on promoting the benefits of green spaces, there are several environmental benefits of green spaces. For example, they filter pollutants and dust from the air, improve water quality and reduce soil erosion.

Project EverGreen also sites several benefits to our personal lifestyles. For example, green spaces have been proven to lower crime and increase self-esteem. Learn more about the lifestyle and environmental benefits of green spaces here.

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