What is Cation Exchange Capacity?

Think of the soil as the pantry for plants, storing the necessary nutrients to ...
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The Muirfield Diaries: Volunteering At The Memorial Tournament

At 6:00 AM, Chris Bittles and I were seated at a table in the break room of the ...
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Where does Muirfield Village Golf Club Use Holganix Products?

Muirfield Village Golf Club started testing Holganix products in 2013 on areas ...
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Holganix Case Studies: Truly "Green" at Manada Golf Club

“Across the board, the color, thickness and depth of my roots were better when ...
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How can Holganix improve golf course turf conditions?

What problems are superintendents seeing on the course? | Create infographics
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3 New Places To Try Holganix On The Golf Course!

Okay, you’ve tried Holganix on your greens and tees and have seen great ...
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Mark Runk puts that "BLEEP" on everything!

“Do you see this turf?” asked Mark Runk. The turf he pointed to was the front ...
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